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March 2016

Welcome to Source Light Project's online sanctuary and healing space. This page offers tools, light attunements, meditations and online talks and workshops. Through this page you will be linking with a like-minded community of people who are interested in personal accelerated spiritual growth and who want to bring light and illumination to the world!


Light is All...

Light is AllWe come from Light, we are made of Light and Light is the solution to our incompleteness. Let your life be bathed in Light, let your heart radiate Light - and Love, and let Light take you home.

The underlying problem faced by our world today is that we find ourselves trapped in an energy system that has been repeating the same pattern over and over through immeasurable time. Even in Atlantis and Lemuria, according to a Native American Tribe Hopi Elder called White Bear, these civilisations had jet aircraft and exploited science to develop weaponry. he goes on to report that their negative development brought about the downfall of their continents and that he sees our current civilisation heading in the same direction.

All is far from lost. As you are likely already aware, there is and has been for quite some time a powerful light action from spirit that is working to bring about a mass awakening of consciousness on the planet.

There is no question that the most powerful contribution to our personal and planetary release from this repeating pattern is our individual healing of so-called karmic and emotional issues. This of course is not as easy as it appears and many people have been toiling for many years clearing untold layers of issues and yet they remain embedded within the Earth sphere. However, there is a higher solution. It is simple. It is LIGHT. The secret to the extraction of our many aspects and elements of consciousness trapped here on Earth is to raise our vibration to such a level that it becomes much easier to let go of the repeating and self-limiting patterns.

This page is here to help you.

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Light Working For You:

FEEDBACK: Part one, Wonderful/powerful and gentle all at the same time....easy to follow instructions...and the softening and opening your heart part was just beautiful, and every time i spoke out the Anaritas Key Om-umbido-An the process deepened and i really did experience that connecting to the sanctity of the divine within myself, touching that light deep inside myself...and so as i drew the discordant parts of myself in from the peripheral to be transformed and brought back to centre i really experienced the whole process in action....i did this the day before and the experience was less tangible, but as i did it today the whole thing deepened so much more...Part Two....the light tab was extremely powerful! But so simple to use....the light was just luminescent!...  Bless you Thank you. Sirenna, April 2016

Part One:

You can either copy and print the following instructions and the Light Tab or work with the Light Tab on your screen. The Anaritas Keys are pronounced phonetically. "ambido and narimbido" is pronounded beedoh. "ii" is pronounced "ee")


  1. Ground thoroughly before doing this work. You can use my Anaritas Keys to help you do this if you like. Say secu-ambido-nos, pause and breathe, secu-narimbido, pause and breathe and Garusan, take a breath.
  2. Draw yourself closer to your centre by saying this Anaritas Key: Hereh-An-Koran, Nu-Ka-eh-sa-An, Seh-An, Seh-An.   Breathe deeply and let go.
  3. Soften your heart and open it further both at the front and the back (You can say Om-umbido-An to help the heart chakra open more fully.)
  4. Feel the sanctity of the divine inside you, the you that is a part of infinite being... Feel this magnificent light that you are deep inside.
  5. Now merge with it, relaxing your body, mind and being, allowing the divine and the infinite you to come closer.
  6. Now say: "I ask in the name of the divine and under the Law of Grace for the discordance in the peripheral parts of me to be transformed in the light now and for these parts of me to be brought closer to the centre. So Be It."
  7. Breathe deeply now and really let go.
  8. Now say the following Anaritas Keys:

  9.  "secu-Karissan, Noviika-Emeh-shuu-An"   Breathe deeply and let go.
      "secu-Karissat, Noviika-Emeh-shuu, Salissan"   Breathe deeply and let go.
      "secu-Kaliisa, Noviika-Emeh-shuu, Kalissan"   Breathe deeply and let go.

    (Repeat steps 1-8 above several times to bring the peripheral parts of you closer to your centre.)

Part Two

Instructions for working with the Light Tab below:

  1. Take the middle finger of the left hand and touch the left-hand blue tab. Take the middle finger of the right hand and tounch the right-hand blue tab. Breathe deeply and absorb the light frequencies, whilst letting go of all of the discordance that is displaced.
  2. When the energies subside a little and you are ready, move the middle fingers of the left and right hand to the respective green tabs. Breathe deeply and absorb the light frequencies, whilst letting go of all of the discordance that is displaced.
  3. Repeat the above action for the yellow tab and then finish by touching the pink tab with both middle fingers. Breathe deeply and absorb the light frequencies, whilst letting go of all of the discordance that is displaced each time
  4. You can repeat this process a number of times but take care NOT to overdo it and bring on a healing crisis. Drink water afterwards and ground thoroughly (see Part One.1 above).

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It is important to ground properly after using this Light Tab! You can use my Grounding Keys to do so:

secu-ambido-nos, breathe and let go.

secu-narimbido, breathe and let go.

Garusan, breathe and let go.

If you still feel ungrounded or hot, nauseous or dizzy, run the cold tap and put your wrists under for a minute or so, open a window and breathe in some fresh air and then use the Grounding Keys again.

More information, tools and MP3 meditations and workshop will be listed here soon. Please add this page to your favourites bar and revisit soon!


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Background to the Source Light Project:

The Source Light Project

Shambhala is widely regarded in the spiritual world and documented in various traditions and religions. Perhaps it can be seen as a particular strand of Creation energy that emanates from Source carrying the purest principles of light, Love and peace. As we evolve on Earth, having moved through the industrial and many technological revolutions since, we find ourselves on the edge of unfolding the very nature of consciousness. Perhaps this is the last in a line of revolutions, the spiritual revolution. This area takes us into an examination of the mind, its unconscious state and the true consciousness of absolute presence held by the Divine Source of all life. Shabdan is deeply immersed in this question and has carried out extensive research into how we can move the consciousness point upwards for all life on the planet. Through his own inner journey Shabdan has come to realise the importance of Shambhala consciousness and the great spiritual potential it holds for everyone in the world

The Source Project - a report, January 2012

Since beginning work on the Source Project - as it was orignally called - many interesting discoveries have been made. It is apparent that spirit is most willing to share all it can through this project. Over the last two years around twenty Master Classes have been held in which the participants have been offered substantial healing to help them release many limiting patterns and energy blocks, moving them to a new and higher level of consciousness. Many people came back for a second, third or even a fourth course! The week-long courses were packed with healing and with information and tools, including extensive use of the uu-crychtu mats which seem to be a real hit with partyicipants. Every week was different because the people and the interaction in the groups were different. Shabdan addressed the group as it presented itself, offering tailored healing and teaching to their specific needs.

New courses were developed and training given in new techniques that use the Anaritas Keys called In Shambhala Fields.

Two winter retreats were offered in the December of 2011 and 2012. the first course was fourteen days and the second ten. These extended healing opportunities were held at the Haybergill Centre in Cumbria. These courses enabled Shabdan to develop new tools and a deeper connections to Shambhala, supra consciousness and spirit. In conjuction with the groups he was able to try out new techniques and refine ideas, helped by the group. Participants enjoyed the experience of contributing to the process of unfolodment of the divine on Earth. The structure of the day evolved of its own accord with participants enjoying personal time in the morning to use the many and varied healing tools and Keys from Shabdan or to rest and meditate. The atmosphere of everyone working in their rooms was palpable and it felt a lot like a spiritual college deeply immersed in the divine. People reported ythat they found it easier to work when everyone around them was working on themselves too. The afternoons were spent together using the new techniques and healing modalities coming forward. Evening were a mix of working time, music and relaxation flexibly arranged to follow the neeter of the moment.

It seems that this formula is very effective and may well form the basis of ongoing work. Certainly the morning self-healing time was used of the second year of Master Classes.

In January 2012, a small woodland has been planted at Lime Tree Farm thanks to the generousity of Peter and Irene Foster, owners of the farm which is now a nature reserve. it is hoped that this woodland will become a part of the Project, offering a place to meet and enjoy the energies of Shambhala as the woodland matures.


Shabdan has been able to spend a lot of time researching possibilities for the unfoldment of the next consciousness paradigm and grounding them on Earth. Participants of the Source Project have been able to experience some of these elements and access new and higher states of consciousness. This process is ongoing and a structure of teachings, information and tools will become available in due course.


The Source Project Beginnings...

In 2006 whilst spending time on the west coast of Scotland writing and on retreat, Shabdan began to perceive new consciousness gateways that could open out the higher dimensions through simple spiritual practices. Guided by Buddha and other Ascended Masters he was shown incredible possibilities that hold the potential to raise world consciousness and help us bridge across to the fifth dimension. This work has led him to begin work on the Source Project at a location in North Yorkshire, UK.


The picture shows the caravan where Shabdan was first given the information that began the whole journey. He was tucked away in the storage area of the site, away from other caravaners... spirit had clearly arranged this picturesque location to make sure he would not be disturbed.


The project aims to explore and anchor fifth dimensional consciousness. This process includes teaching techniques to help students to bridge across to the outer levels of Shambhala and to fifth dimensional consciousness. Current work includes offering intensive 6-day Master Classes to help clear karmic and emotional ties that limit consciousness. It is important to gather a nucleus of like-minded people to share in the project work and to learn to hold as pure a level of consciousness as possible.

This work is inclusive and tools and healing courses are being developed to enable people to work at home whilst holding a strong connection with The Source Project. For example, a CD of the Sat-Ura 30-minute Shambhala daily meditations that take place at 9am, 12noon, 6pm and 9pm to allow home connection to Shambhala and The Source Project is about to be released. This 30-minute CD plays the gongs and drums of Shambhala to attune to Shambhala and links the listener in to Shambhala and Source for 15 minutes of connection and meditation.









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NOTE: THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY BEING RE-DEVELOPED - Not all content mentioned in the text is online yet.




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Place your attention on me, look into my eyes and connect with me. Through me you are linking with Lord Anju, my Higher Self and he will bring you the healing that you need right now in this moment. You can build on this action by holding in your heart a specific issue or emotion that is troubling you and he will work to transform the energy that binds you.






























     Let us go into Shambhala and live in our hearts...

Hand-On-Heart Camp The camp at Lime Tree Farm that crystalised the ideas into a first action. We had torrential rain for the week before the camp, during the camp and the week after. Sometimes when new waves of consciousness enter the planet it can really affect the weather!!

UPDATE January 2014

Shambhala is about the heart of you, the divine you and so it is very much about people rather than location. It is a state of loving consciousness, a place of peace within. The work of the Source Project is becoming much more person-centred and although a lot of time has been spent in development work and working with small groups of people, the NEW Light Key System has been evolved as a tool-based healing system that helps you work effectively at home, bringing you closer to the state of enlightenment and to Shambhala. (Details are on the Iona Light website above.)

Many insights have been gained over the last three years and Shabdan has used the feedback from his healing sessions and workshops to come to understand how to develop The Source Project and access the state of Shambhala. This understanding is now beginning to bear fruit and you can enjoy the benefits of The Source Project first and foremost through the Light Key System. The system uses the amazing Keys of Creation linked with the over-lighting Devas to bring powerful tools that can really help to raise consciousness levels very effectively.

Other ways in which The Source Project is unfolding will begin to be rolled out a little later through this year. 


UPDATE June 2012

I have in a sense been on sabbatical for the last five months. Spirit has kindly arranged it so that I would have the time and the resources to be able to continue work on the project without having to do courses and session work. This has enabled me to find my way deeply into the concepts opening out through The Source Project.

It has become clear to me that we really can bridge to a higher level of consciousness and bring about a state of unconditional Love on Earth. All we need is the willpower, commitment and determination to see it through. Personal healing and spiritual practice can lead to an evolution in consciousness using the new mechanisms being revealed to me at this time. I feel that the fruits on the tree of life are ripening and nearly ready for me to pick! - Well one or two of them anyway!

Why is this so important? Why the fifth dimension? We live in a world of emotion - I often use that word to describe emotion of the mind, the anger, the tears and fear. We are capable of rising above this to a world of feeling - a way of describing feelings of Love, peace, stillness, expansion, joy. We are truly capable in surrendering the fear paradigm and moving out of the violence and suffering that so many people are experiencing right across the world - both mentally and physically. If it is in your heart to follow this pathway, why not find out more about what I am doing? Join the email list on the Iona Light sister site. Attend the new courses that are coming soon. Look at the tools and products page and see if something resonates for you. These tools are a part of my journey, created to help myself and thereafter shared with anyone who would like to use them. These things are pointing us all in one direction - the Light!.

As the planetary consciousness expands and evolves, the world moves closer to true civilisation - not a material world of improved living conditions at the expense of others and of the planet itself, but a harmony between people, a deep Love and respect, an honouring of ourselves and the world. This is unconditional Love at work. This is the place of divine truth. This is what The Source Project stands for and why it can really work for you too. The first waves of techniques are nearing completion and will be available to help you grow in a much faster and gentler way, to reach through your fear and find the essence of yourself shining within.


UPDATE August 2011

This year Shabdan has conducted more Master Classes in North Yorkshire to help bring deep healing and to awaken the consciousness of those attending to Shambhala and the possibilities that lie there. He has concentrated on development work to unwrap the new consciousness paradigm. Late 2010 Shabdan conducted an experiment at the Haybergill Centre in Cumbria to see how closely a small and dedicated group of people could hold a level of consciousness that was as close to the fifth dimension as possible. The results were astounding. This year he is going to repeat the format of that experiment and will conduct a course in December at Haybergill that is open to anyone who has completed certain training with him. (Details are available on request.)


"We stand poised on the edge of the third dimension, looking inwards to new possibilities that lead us to a place of deep Love and Peace... Shambhala beckons and gently reveals itself bit by bit to anyone who will look earnestly with unconditional Love and no expectation." Shabdan

Research has shown that there are ways to enhance the properties of vegetables grown from seed that can open pranic gateways in the vegetable's aura. Eating this food, whether raw or cooked, appears to open pranic gateways in the person consuming these vegetables. If this food is eaten regularly, the light quotient will build substantially. This energising effect greatly supports spiritual development and the raising of frequency closer to the fifth dimension. The devas who revealed this to Shabdan clearly support the process he has undertaken. it seems as though there is a great coordinated action to reveal an entire system that can lead to fifth dimensional consciousness being held on Earth in the near future.

The many light radiations reaching the planet now from spirit are bringing great illumination and new possibilities abound. Shabdan is currently working to crystallise a consciousness structure that can help us to adopt this new paradigm.