Lords of Karma - Chamber of Light


Welcome to healing with the Lords of Karma - masters from the higher dimensions who preside over our karmic balance in all matters related to our Earth incarnations. They are gentle and loving masters who present as both male and female to us on Earth. The Lords of Karma include Sanada (known as Jesus in one incarnation) and Lady Portia. Lord Anju, my higher self, is also one of the Lords of Karma and will work with you -  as will I (an aspect of him), through the Keys of Creation.

During the healing many masters will attend to help you let go of as many layers as possible of the karmic imbalances that you have accrued in this and other lifetimes. They will help you to complete karmic interactions with entities, races, extra-terrestrial connections and races, and links into the lower astral planes. They will work to clear magical connections and structures in your body, mind, spirit and aura, across all planes, dimensions, times and levels of consciousness.

You can trust them to hold absolute loving compassion in their dealings with you and with those that they take from you into the light for their own healing needs.

To work with them all you have to do is follow the simple instructions below. Take care not to do too much healing at one time to avoid a healing crisis. Please stop when you get too tired and rest. Remember to drink some water after the healing session.


1. Place you attention on the image below and prepare to enter the Light Chamber of the Lords of Karma

2. When you feel that you are ready to proceed into the Chamber of Light, scroll down to the link below the picture and click on the link.


LOK Preparation.jpg


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Please understand that this is a FORMAL HEALING WITH THE LORDS OF KARMA IN THEIR CHAMBER OF LIGHT - PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL IN THIS SACRED SPACE. Do not talk or answer the telephone, or text or email during the healing - give this your total concentration and attention. If you are interrupted and have to stop suddenly, please MAKE SURE THAT YOU PROCEED TO THE THIRD IMAGE - Grounding and Balancing - before you close these pages down.

Please DO NOT make copies of these healing pages. The Lords of Karma have arranged this healing process to work only through www.shabdan.com to ensure the purity and proper working of this process. Any copies made - screen shots or printed images will NOT carry the vibration of the Lords of Karma - you will be open to your ego and the entities in your field directing any apparent healing!! This also applies if you work offline. To work as it is intended, there needs to be an open link to shabdan.com.

As an energy exchange for this healing I would like to ask you to make a donation each time you visit these pages. For the time being you can use the donate button on the W.I.S.E. page, thank you.