The Journey Begins...

Shabdan began his journey in 1983 when a car accident brought him to a complete halt in his life. After twenty-nine years of healing and spiritual unfoldment, Shabdan has awoken to the mastership he holds within. Lady Nada (an Ascended Master) said to him, "You have crossed the threshold now Shabdan, you are one of us."

Shabdan is an extraordinary clairvoyant, healing facilitator and workshop leader who works across the UK, North Italy and in Norway. He also has a telephone client base that stretches from Orkney to Devon in the UK, Moscow to New Zealand, and Oslo to Malaysia. He carries out Earth healing work to support planetary spiritual unfoldment that has taken him as far as Antigua. In 2006 he organised a worldwide internet radio event to re-activate the I Am Consciousness Stream (the River of Light), co-presented with his partner Shastra, which saw 32,000 people around the world link together in a common purpose, completing the action with nearly 1,000,000 internet helping hands later that year.

Shabdan, a Traditional Reiki Master, developed Ascension Reiki in 1998 - an amazing energy healing system amongst the highest vibration of Reiki energy available today that brings a soft, milky yet very powerful healing energy for everyday use via attunement. He went on to extend this energy system into An-tu, a refined vibration offering love-healing that radiates outwards in a sphere from the healer. He has also developed a special range of tools to help spiritual unfoldment and support the healing journey.

Through his own healing journey he has awakened to a deep inner knowing that he is an aspect of the Keeper of the Keys of Creation, a strand of energy of Creation that is a part of the Lords of Karma. The Keys of Creation are described in much more detail under the menu item "the Keys" above. This process saw Shabdan (whose name means 'bridge of light') wheelchair-bound for six years as he grappled with serious health issues in the nineties. This process drew him much closer to his heart, helping him to peel away the limitations of mind.

Deeply intuitive, Shabdan has perceived major Earth events such as the re-birthing of Mother Earth as a Cosmic Being of light in June 2007 and the permanent opening of the "Divine Gateways of Source to the Earth" at the Ah-Shan point (the ending of the out-breath of Creation and the beginning of the In-breath of Creation) which he has helped to facilitate with workshops and internet radio to nearly a million people worldwide.

Shabdan is currently working on and developing a Shambhala project called The Source Project, that is an experiment in a new level of Earth consciousness (for more details see 'The Source Project' under the 'Information' tab on the menu bar).


The Musician...


Shabdan is a musician and likes to include his music in workshops and healing work with clients. He has made music recordings to facilitate the healing journey, including the Keys of Metatron, a powerful encoding of enlightenment energy in conjunction with Metatron. Through his first love, the guitar, Shabdan occasionally gives concerts of his spiritual songs that open the audience to receive deep healing from Spirit.

Shabdan lives in a picturesque part of Scotland with Shastra, near his three maturing children.


Phone: 07786692822

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Music at Work


Shabdan also uses a range of instruments in his healing work including gong, 22" frame drum and a Bodhstri' - an instrument that he has developed. Sound can be very powerful at reaching into the essence and releasing deep energy blocks.


Research and Development


Shabdan is deeply immersed in spiritual research and development work that includes designing new Keys and working with Supra-Consciousness. He is never happier than locked away somewhere working something out that can help unlock the secrets of the divine and help to raise the consciousness of the planet. Many new high-level spiritual tools have come from this research and are available on the Iona Light site.

His latest development is the Light Key System - information is available on Iona Light. 

The image above shows Shastra "test-driving" an idea...