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ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalopathy / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) is a debilitating condition that affects many people around the world. I myself have first-hand experience of it - I was confined to a wheelchair for a number of years as a result - and so I know how challenging it can be. The condition can last from a number of years to a lifetime. The degree to which individuals are affected varies greatly along with symptoms that range from leaving you very tired but functioning in your life to being bed-bound for months at a time, suffering terribly. The emotional component is no better, with many becoming depressed and feeling trapped in a body that feels so unwell that doing anything leads to total exhaustion.

If this is you, please read on. You may find some help on this page that offers you support, some information and some tools. 

Overview of ME/CFS from Antonio - one of my guides - 26 October 2015
ME/CFS is a place, an order of consciousness projection that both expresses a range of unhealed elements and a fulcrum point or springboard to consciousness elevation. It is the breakdown of consciousness form and expression in one paradigm and the forging of a new and higher consciousness paradigm. It is both an opportunity and a place of deep reconciliation. Though it is possible to refocus the manifestation of form through techniques that re-structure consciousness projection such as creating new neural pathways and so on, the main focus of this condition is an opportunity to arrest the repetition of old patterns that are embedded in the illusion of form and to restructure yourself in the spiritual projection of enlightened, awakened consciousness.

The accumulation of residues from previous incarnations, the emotion and inherited so-called karma - the beliefs and overlapping patterns of form that have not been reconciled, together, build a projection that ensnares the spirit. It is both necessary and very important to breakdown all of these elements that restrain the spirit in order to escape from the Earth sphere of limitation and to manifest an unencumbered consciousness form that is in the awakened state of full presence, one that is in balance with itself and in harmony with Creation. That is the purpose of such an illness that reaches so deeply throughout the body, the mind and spirit.

In its final analysis, ME/CFS is the action of consciousness reconciliation and restructuring that seeks to re-establish natural order. If it is embraced openly and the process of metamorphosis is not resisted, then ME/CFS offers great gifts.

The suffering in the condition is used to reconcile the many patterns that persist in the pre-existing paradigms - their residues and also the persisting attitudes, beliefs and emotional states that must be dismantled. It is better to surrender fully to the condition than to seek its resolution through drugs and other therapies whose objectives are to make the body better. There is no problem in helping the body to heal if there is is acceptance, surrender to and reconciliation of the consciousness restructuring process. For a successful outcome, life as it is known to you, the thoughts and beliefs that were held before the condition developed and persist in the mind during it must give way to a higher order that awaits your acceptance.

In this condition you have stopped yourself from carrying forward the patterns of repetition of incarnation and all that is believed in and endlessly recreated, in order to end the pattern and to move forward.
Acceptance - full acceptance is the key and the first real step to physical recovery, to mental reconciliation and to spiritual elevation.
Consciousness reconciliation - the full healing of old residues is the second most important step.
The exploration and development of the divine self is the third important step that will build the new consciousness paradigm and through which you can re-manifest your form.

Remember that you have chosen this pathway in this lifetime. Remember the purpose of that choosing and seek to move your body, mind and spirit into the new paradigm that aligns to the higher self and to the divine.

Let go, release and be free.

What is it all about?

ME/CFS is a condition that often strikes people down in the prime of their lives - or even in the bloom of youth. Of course it can come at any age, but it is interesting to see so many younger people affected - often the action-led "do-ers", the people who are full of energy, vibrant, creative, busy - far too busy to stop and be ill. What is going on?

Through my own illness a very deep spiritual awakening took place. This process led to many insights and to a certain perspective that may offer a level of understanding to the overall condition. Working in the complementary field, offering healing to many across the UK and parts of Europe and beyond, I was struck by how many people in the spiritual arena have suffered from a form of ME/CFS. It led me to consider my own condition and theirs through new eyes. As my own spiritual process deepened, I began to feel that there was some greater purpose to this apparently awful condition. Why are so many capable people struck down with this health problem? With many possible causes but with quite similar overall experiences of exhaustion and debilitating ill-health, what is going on?


candle n daffs.BMP


It was solely through my spiritual process or inner journey that I began to gain a profound understanding of my own condition - which also appeared to fit many I have met and worked with over the last twenty years.

ME/CFS, amongst all of the health conditions that can develop, seems to have a very strong connection with the process of spiritual reconciliation of all lifetimes and experiences here on Earth. In fact I feel that this condition is a very effective way to rein in the person who is deeply engaged in experiencing the world, the person who is outwardly-looking. It affects many who are proficient, skilled and capable. These are the people who have more or less mastered this world with a vast range of experiences under their belts, those who have grown to hold a certain level of wisdom. We are in a very powerful window of opportunity for spiritual evolution that is affecting the whole planet. Those who have awakened to a greater level of consciousness have felt the pull of their divinity. It is calling to them to complete their Earth process and to return to a higher vibrational state of being. This can be very difficult to achieve for any number of reasons.

Over a number of lifetimes - often running into the thousands - karmic and emotional imbalances can accrue that have been left unreconciled. This burden often leads to deep feelings of distress that become avoidance. Unnamed, undefined, with only a vague feeling about being blocked, overwhelmed and stuck, the person will bury themselves in distraction: a busy life that is so full of personal and financial commitments that they cannot stop what they are doing even to draw breath. They don't know how to get off the merry-go-round - or even understand that it is time to! Developing ME/CFS can actually help.

The condition often brings people nearly to a complete stop. The outwardly-seeking cannot range any further in life away from themselves. The illness, the exhaustion slows it all down to a crawl. The outwardness is lost in such poor health that the self is imprisoned in a body that doesn't work any more or do its owner's bidding. The big outer world can shrink so much that all that is left is the body and the mind, working in slow motion.

Now you can be forgiven for thinking that being stopped like this is absolutely terrible, a major crisis, the end of meaningful life - and I will not argue with you that the personal experience feels just that way. However, despite its appearance and the awful suffering that is experienced second by excruciating second, the most profound healing and consciousness reconcilitation is under way. For those who cannot stop themselves, for those who will not stop, for those who cannot face the overload of karmic and emotional issues that they are running from, for those who do not know how to, M.E./CFS can offer a solution.

A friend of mine once said to me, "It is a bit like being on an elastic band. You can go away from your centre a certain distance before the rubber band reaches full stretch and then you have no choice but to come back to your centre again."

The elastic band for sufferers of this condition is at full stretch. Now you absolutely have to begin to come back to your centre.

ME/CFS, if properly understood and worked with in a spirit of cooperation by you - in my experience and in my heart-felt opinion - can become a bridge to a new state of being. It can open an inner door to freedom and to hope that takes you beyond your mind, into your spiritual heart, to a place of unconditional Love and to a place of peace. This statement is NOT about religion, a belief system or a rock to cling to in the raging torrent of a lost mind. Rather it is an olive branch extended to you, an opportunity to realise that you do not have a debilitating condition that has robbed you of life, but something that has placed your caterpillar-self into a chrysalis, where you are in the process of a miraculous metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly!

You may not have any way to measure what I have said or to trust it. That is perfectly all right. I do not need or want anything from you. I simply offer you a possibility, something to think about, something that may feel significant to you even if you cannot explain it to yourself. Those on the spiritual path may well have come to this conclusion already and may find some measure of reasurance from this insight or they may find clarity.



If you think of your health condition as a prison, the enemy, something to be wrestled with and overcome, then you will suffer for it. Feeling that you are imprisoned can lead to feeling depressed and trapped and even more suffering. Fighting the condition, ignoring it, trying to live your old life anyway, over-exerting yourself - all of these approaches usually lead to consequences, a reaction in your body that can leave you physically suffering for a long time afterwards.

Yes, you can have a life, but it won't be the same as the life you knew before your illness started. It is so important to accept this while you are ill, even if you do not give up hope of full recovery. Accept the ME/CFS for what it is, even if you cannot understand it. If you accept it, you may get worse for a time - for years even - but in the end something will change. Much as that might feel overwhelming to you, I completely understand. It was shocking to me to realise that my old way of life was over and that I had to let it go completely. Do your best to remember that you are going through one of the most profound processes of self-realisation that it is possible to go through on Earth.

Body Healing... Taking Responsibility for Yourself...

We can use our bodies to process emotion and Karma on our behalf. We do this when we don't consciously know about such things, when we don't know how to deal with the overload or when we cannot bear to face these things. Many people do this in lots of ways. Ill-health, even a simple cold, is a way to process emotion, but ME/CFS is much deeper than most ways. As I have said already, it is likely that this health condition, in all of its varieties, can offer you a powerful process to transmute karma and emotional imbalances at a remarkable speed. If you follow the spiritual process and begin what is often called the spiritual journey, you may begin to realise for yourself what you are going through and find ways to take responsibility for yourself and all that you have pushed into your body. You may then begin the process of healing your karmic and emotional issues for yourself in different ways that can range from Reiki to conscious healing methods that quickly transmute this discordance. 


You are Remarkable

Never doubt yourself. This health problem has happened to you for a reason. You create everything in your life and although that is hard to accept to begin with, it is nonetheless true. When I first met this idea, I couldn't believe it at all. It took me years to come round to the understanding of it. Even now if I am unwell my mind can slip occasionally into the victim mode and deny that responsibility.

You have the power to get well. It is innate, inside you, buried in some place that you have not yet found. Make this your truth - you can heal. You are remarkable!

You are Changing

Remember that this process that you have entered into, however unwillingly, is changing you. Do your best to surrender to it (the process). You have to realise that you have probably been outward-looking and this illness is forcing you to become inward-seeking.

After coming to understand more about myself and to grow a lot through the healing I did in those early years, I began to realise that I had been running away from myself for years before it began. The illness was reining me in, forcing me to stop and to heal everything that I was avoiding. Now I am a lot, lot better and offer help to others, travelling, teaching/sharing what I have learned. The other month I paused to reflect on why I am still suffering and guess what? It hit me like a ton of bricks! As soon as I got well enough,I felt able to do things once more but in truth I started running away again! I have and I haven't - I have done a great deal of healing and purification work on myself but there are areas I realise I am still running away from. I share this with you because it is important. Are you, or have you been, running away from your fears/issues/karma? It is not an easy thing to face them and it takes the greatest courage of all to turn around and begin the process of dealing with them. AND it takes even more courage to sustain this healing process. We are creatures of habit and like to lie like broccoli... in the sun... lazily kicking back... avoidance of emotional pain almost written into our DNA! Now I am in the process of dealing with those hidden corners that I have been running away from. It is not easy, but I am doing it.

The process of change, the choice to change is yours, but it is also in the hands of your soul, guiding you, intervening, saying to you,  "You have to come home now. You have to heal now."

Do not run away. find the courage to turn to face yourself. You can do it.


window to the soul.jpg

The Window to the Soul is before you. You have already opened it. Will you choose to look through it and find the light beyond? All you need is a little courage to begin. The rest will come in its turn when you are ready, step by gentle step.


Remember your Job NOW>>>

Do your best to stay in the present moment. A lot of people with ME/CFS tend to live in the future - the day after they have recovered. Remember that you have accepted this condition - however unwillingly - to heal very deeply and to prepare for the next consciousness paradigm. To do that, you have to participate in your own healing. Engage with the NOW moment and what you are going through. Do your best to move to a place of acceptance of what is and work through the resistance, your fear, your anger and frustration at being in this awful place in your life.

Remember that STILLNESS is the key to your recovery and to your healing. 

Bless you... Know that I Love you and care for what you are suffering right now, Shabdan xx


!! Work with this picture below !!

Let this healing image help you to let go all that troubles you right now. Let it wash away your emotions as you gaze gently at this picture for as long as you want to. Drink some water afterwards.

Shabdan has embedded his Keys in such a way that really powerful healing is available right now through this picture.

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PLEASE NOTE: The information, tools and tips offered here are NOT scientifically proven - but they are based on my own direct experience of ME/CFS

My ME/CFS began in 1993 and after six years of severe symptoms, bed-bound for many months at a time and slumped in a wheelchair when I could manage to be upright, I began to find a level of recovery that gave me a new lease of life. THIS PAGE IS ABOUT THE IMPORTANT THINGS I HAVE LEARNED THROUGH MY RECOVERY AND HOW THEY MAY BE ABLE TO HELP YOU.

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Shabdan is the author of this page


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Tips and Help for You

If you have been diagnosed with ME/CFS or if you even if you have no diagnosis and your symptoms fit well with this syndrome, you may find some help here for your health condition, but  please remember to seek medical advice and do NOT assume that you have ME/CFS without seeking a diagnosis. Get yourself checked out medically to make sure there is nothing else affecting you!


  • Rest well and never push yourself beyond your limits.Listen to your body and learn where your limits are. Research has shown that you don't recover from overdoing it. You just become more depleted.
  • You may notice certain patterns about your health condition that you can learn from. For example if you have a busy day on a Saturday, then (oddly) on the following Saturday you may be completely wiped out. Learn to accept this and pace yourself, planning active times and then allowing recovery immediately after for several days and allowing for that hard-to-understand follow-up day a week on.
  • Eat wisely, making sure that your body is getting the best nutrition you can. Cut down or cut out junk food. Drink plenty of fluids - filtered water on its own is often best, warm or hot as you choose - avoiding cold water or cold drinks. If you can't drink water on its own, use filtered water in your teas/herbal teas or coffee. Think of it this way: your body is functioning poorly; your immune system is compromised and it is possible that you are suffering from viruses on a regular basis. The organs that process food and the elements that deal with the viruses are all compromised to some degree, so there are likely to be a lot of toxins building up in your body as a result of your sluggish system and the debris of the immune killing off the viruses. The more that you overload your body with challenging or additive-laden foods and drinks, the harder your exhausted body has got to work to clear the chemical toxins from itself.
  • Help your body and do your best to take responsibility for your well-being.
  • You need, absolutely need, healing - healing for your body, mind and spirit. Remember that this condition may have come about through a spiritual need to detox your entire being. (See "What is it All About? in the left column.)
  • Seek professional help if you can, both medical and complementary if you are comfortable with the latter. Go by recommendation if possible in the alternative field. Reiki is a great starting place but be aware that there are many Reiki healers with varying abilities and competence. Research therapies on the internet and then ask around when you look for reputable healers. Consider taking a Reiki attunement for yourself - it will help to awaken your inner divine self. Many new doors will open if you receive and attune to Reiki. It is possible, though not guaranteed, that you will slowly begin to recover a semblance of health through this gentle beginning on the spiritual path.
  • Change your thinking. When you can focus, read some self-help books - those that appeal to you. Broaden your mind and learn to open your spiritual heart. The information I have given on this page is from my heart to yours and although you will see some tools offered below that I developed for myself and that are now available for others to buy, that is not the focus of this web page. I have suffered a great deal and have felt the importance of offering what I have learned to those who are suffering from this condition, offering my personal experiences and insight for you to use or discard as you choose. 
  • Realise that this illness has not ended your life, rather it is the beginning of something very special - no matter how hard that is to believe. Allow yourself to entertain the possibility of this idea. Let it sit softly inside you, percolating through your body, mind and spirit. Maybe this seed, this possibility, will take root and put out a shoot that grows into a beautiful blossom. Perhaps... it is up to you. Your life is your creation, so choose the positive, choose for your highest good. Allow yourself to investigate ideas beyond your normal beliefs and paradigms. It is all here for you to explore. That is the purpose of this world. 
  • Stillness if the Key in the face of your suffering. Do not fight yourself, wish yourself well or lose your balance if you can help it. Release the emotional feelings that have rocked your boat and do your absolute best to move to a place of stillness - like a beautiful pool in a woodland, still and quiet, reflecting its surroundings. Stillness is the key to managing your condition.
  • Consider Homeopathy from a medicaly trained practitioner. It would seem that many people with this condition develop Irritable Bowel Syndrome and you may fiond that homeopathic help can lessen symptoms and break into the blocked energy systems in your body in general, helping release the inherent energy in the body and stimulate healing processes.
  • Take PRO-BIOTICS: it is most important to take a good quality pro-biotic for at least six months after having to take anti-biotics. (A study showed that traces of anti-biotics can be present up to two years after taking a simple five-day course.) Pro-biotics can help you avoid devloping Candida overgrowth and further dietary issues arising in the intestines and bowel.


I have produced some special tools using the Keys of Creation. You can read more about me and these things elsewhere on this website.

Among the tools I found helpful were:

"Ascension Reiki" - a healing system that you can self attune to through a handbook and a CD.

Ascension Reiki handbook

"Natural Health" - a remarkable healing CD that helps to promote health and well-being if you listen to it every day - in those long hours of mental boredom.

Natural Health CD

"The Light Key System" - for those already on the spiritual path, these acclaimed handbook-based tools offer a wide-range of help for ME/CFS sufferers and others and encourage spiritual development.

You can find out more about these tools by going to the Iona Light website via the tab on the menu at at top of this page.

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My Story

I was struck down by full-blown ME type symptoms in the spring of 1993. My heart started racing one day and wouldn't stop. In the end it was running at around 200 beats a minute. Hospitalised by the end of the day and going through a shocking experience where a drug administered by a doctor made me feel like I was about to die, I began the long process that has not ended. After four months, a diagnosis was found for me: I had been struck down by three strains of the coxsackie virus (b,c and d). This virus had initially attacked my heart and then ravaged my nervous system by attacking the nerve sheathing, causing the nerves carrying signals from my brain to short out before they got to my muscles and other vital places. My immune system was on overload and gradually my health deteriorated to a place where I could not stand, think or function. I struggled to breathe.

After about ten months I began to recover a degree of health. Still very tired and weak, I felt a degree of vitality returning to my body. Thinking that I was on the road to recovery, I raced back into life and went into partnership in a recording studio. This reprieve was actually just the beginning. After six months in the new business, I was dragging myself to work. I became very ill again and struggled to function. I pushed against my failing health and kept going. By Christmas of 1994, I was almost as bad as I had been the previous year and then someone came into the studio one day with flu. My immune system was flat and the flu completely and utterly flattened me. I couldn't even crawl out of bed I was so ill. I lost four months to nightmarish sleep, filled with disorientation when I was able to wake. I could hardly whisper, let alone talk. I couldn't think. I had no idea what day it was or what week it was. I couldn't interact with my two young children at all.

I lost everything. The studio business began to fail and after a long fight with the benefit system, I received some money - enough to bail out and close down the business. I became wheelchair-bound when I wasn't asleep or resting in a near-comatose state. As my now three children grew and went to school, each in their turn, they would come home with a virus and I would get flu. If they came home with flu, I would suffer so very badly for many weeks that it felt like I was dying.

Years passed of which I remember very little. The low point was when my mother was feeding me some custard and I choked on it because my oesophagus was so weakened that it could hardly function - a severe symptom of total exhaustion. Breathing became laboured and very conscious - I had to make myself breathe because the autonomic action wasn't functioning very well. I remember one night where it took me half an hour to crawl from my mattress-bed on the floor across the width of the room (around eight feet) to reach the computer and to haul myself up to play a few hands of Solitaire. 

New Dawn.jpg

Then a friend came and gave me some Reiki. She was practising after receiving her first attunement to this healing medium. It felt wonderful and made me sleep a relaxed and healing sleep. Over the coming months she gave me a lot of Reiki and after a year or longer (I cannot recall the time-frame very well) she had gained the master-level where she could herself pass on an attunement. I gratefully received my first Reiki attunement and everything changed.

My clairvoyance had actually began to awaken in the first weeks of my illness: an awareness that had actually been there all of my life but had not been understood or used, suddenly burst forward and became a part of my life. Despite my severe illness, this new-found ability led me to counsel a young friend who had been recently bereaved. His wife had died from cancer, aged twenty-four. After a while he brought me other people who needed help and even in my awful state, between the bouts of bad viruses and being bed-ridden again for weeks at a time, I tentatively offered healing to others from my heart's guidance. Spirit guides came readily to me and began to teach me. Some of the things that they told me introduced me to Anna, my Reiki friend. 

Within two months of receiving my first Reiki attunement, I took my master's first-stage attunement. Those of you who are Reiki-trained will know that this is absolutely crazy. Normally this three-stage process is one that takes several years, but my guides and my heart were urging me on. At Easter in 1998, I received the first symbols for a very special new healing system from my old friend and guide, Joseph of Aragon. This gradually developed into Ascension Reiki.

My clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience increased dramatically over the next year and the system was self-published as a self-healing system in 1999. I suffered a great deal, of course, as the consequences of my dramatic injection of high-vibration energy forced healing issue after issue to the surface, mentally, emotionally and physically. I could only surrender to the process. I was being fast-tracked, although I could not begin to understand why. My journey was well under way and I was growing spiritually almost daily.

By the early spring of 2000, I began to feel the first stirring in my body of a natural level of health. It was very fragile but I began not to need the wheelchair all the time and could do things with my family if I was careful. The long road to a certain level of recovery had begun.