Personal Healing for You

I can offer you healing right now to clear stuck emotion, karmic and energy blocks and so on. All that you need to do is scroll down a little to the image below with my picture in it and connect with me. Perhaps you would like to look into my eyes. Just be still, holding the feelings in your mind about the things that are troubling you and let them go as I, Lord Anju - my higher self - and my healing teams overseen by Master Djwal Khul connect with you and do the work on your behalf. Use your breath to help you to let go.

As you hold the thought, the energy blocks will begin to clear in layers. Be patient and give enough time for all of the layers to clear. You can then go on to clear other issues if you would like to in the same way by placing your attention on the new issue and allowing me and the light teams to work with you.

All work that is done with you is carried out under the Law of Grace so as not to interfere in your free will. Sometimes issues will not clear fully - this is because you need to understand the reason why you have them so you can learn and grow through the experience. If that is the case, this healing will relieve some of the elements but not all of the issue. You will know for yourself because the feelings will remain at some level within you. If you need further help, you are welcome to contact me.

I send you many blessings and hope that this helps you.

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I hope that you feel the loving healing coming through the Keys of Creation on this page. If you want more healing check out "Natural Health" CD and "The Hand of Love" healing tool on the products page on the Iona Light Tab above.




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