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sunwood.jpgOne day in 1993, a close friend who was listening to his guides said to me, "You are the Keeper of the Keys of Creation!" This was very near to the beginning of my real spiritual awakening and I didn't understand what this meant. One evening shortly after that my wife at the time said to me, "I have something for you". She held out her empty physical hands and etherically I could see a small carved wooden box. I took the box and opened it and saw the most beautiful shining golden key. I took the key from the box and put it in my heart chakra. It took me a while to work out what it was for but gradually I used the key more and more to help people, including a small but growing number of clients.

Metaphysical Keys: Sometimes the friend who told me about the Keys and some of my clients would say to me, "I have a Key for you. It is the Key of Love. It seems to do..." I began a list of the keys and used them regularly on clients, friends and my family. I discovered to my utter amazment that they could do quite special things and the recipients would be in awe of their effect. I would take them out of my heart chakra and turn them like real keys in the chakras and other parts of the body. Later I discovered that these keys could be used for world-level healing. Every time I used a key, it would bring about a release of an energy block, an emotion, a physical pain and so on, that could be felt quite tangibly by the recipient of the key.

It took me a number of years to fully appreciate the Keys of Creation and to come to understand that I am a part of a soul energy that has been given the Keys of Creation to wield on behalf of Source and that I am therefore an aspect of the Keeper of the Keys. This realisation reflected my spiritual journey and developing understanding of the nature of incarnation. In time I began to access many more Keys and can now bring in any key that is needed. It seems that there is no limit to the potential of the keys. The only limitation is my ability to discern their uses. There is no question that many possibilities for the Keys of Creation to do positive and powerful work at deeper levels are simply a question of reseach and development, and spiritual unfoldment.

Symbol Keys: When I developed Ascension Reiki during 1997/8, I was asked by my guide and dear friend Joseph of Aragon (for more information see below) to draw some symbol shapes. To my amazement I learned that the symbols held energy that could be used to channel very pure healing frequencies into the world. These symbols opened the way for a lot more. In time I began to draw symbols for cleansing water and crystals, to connect very deeply with the angels through the Angel Chambers, to radiate the Keys of Metatron in a 100 metre diameter from the CD player that was playing this special CD I co-created with Archangel Metatron and my soul brother Eldron.

Light Language Keys: The Keys have also developed into a word form called Anaritas Light Language - a Creation-level spiritual language. You can invoke the Keys of Creation by saying special phrases out loud, like the examples given in the right column. Try them for yourself and see what it feels like. Now there are Anaritas light language training courses that can help you to heal yourself very simply and easily.

Light Key System

In an amazing step I took in December 2011, the Over-lighting Devas of Creation showed me some new forms of the Keys that involved numbers. These amazing Key Codes are comprises of Anaritas Keys and numbers that re-structure your consciousness light projection into the world. A special system has evolved through this work called the Light Key System. Details are on the Iona Light website.


I have now grown to realise that I am in fact an incarnate aspect of Lord Anju, The Keeper of the Keys of Creation and have access to the Keys that apply to this world as they are needed and when I can conceive them.

Today the Keys do many things, and in special combination they open gateways to the divine, offer powerful healing to clear very difficult energy blockages, emotions and interference patterns and help refine spiritual vibration. They are being used for world healing, especially in the Source Project spoken about on this website.

The Keys in their various forms have been used and experienced by many people. There is a general consensus that they are extremely high vibration and very pure in their effect. The reason for this is that they are directly from Source (God) and do not pass through any other level of consciousness between Source and the Earth. This means that wherever the Keys are used, the pure, loving intention of Source is expressed directly though the Keys being used.

A number of people in our spiritual fraternity have keys of some form or another - some that I do not possess. All of the keys are a part of our divine inheritance. They are here to help us to re-align to Source and to unlock our inner potential.


Joseph of Aragon

Joseph of Aragon is said to be the head of the race Aragon, known as healing specialists in this universe, Aragon, through Joseph, contribute to the Council of Nine, a group consciousness at the centre of the universe who are understood to be conducting the Earth experiment process. Joseph of Aragon is mentioned in a book of channellings by Phyllis Schlemmer called The Only Planet of Choice, contributing advice to a question asked of Tom, the spokesperson for the Council of Nine.

Joseph is said to have had an etheric incarnation in Imhotep's energy field around 3500 BC. Imhotep was greatly respected in Egypt and was chancellor to the pharaoh Zoser. He was also an architect, an engineer and a physician. As a physician he is said to have identified and treated over different 200 conditions. 

Ascension Reiki, brought to me by Joseph of Aragon and incorporating the Keys of Creation, involves the total energy system called Ah-imhotep which places the nineteen symbols of Ascension Reiki in a system that describes the process of manifestation, incarnation and the ascending return to the divine. There is an attunement. given to me by Imhotep. that connects the attuned to the Ekha'an Schools of Light and Wisdom at the level of Supra Consciousness, from which all the current teachings and work I am undertaking emanate.

In the late nineties I experienced an extraordinary vision in which I was taken into the Step Pyramid built by Imhotep where I met and reconnected with Imhotep who was dressed in formal Egyptian attire. It was in the moment of hugging him that I felt a deep inspiration open inside me that revealed that I was Imhotep in a previous incarnation. Whatever the truth of this, there seem to be important connections between Joseph of Aragon, Imhotep and me which relate to my spiritual path and teachings. 



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The Keys of Creation            

Source, from origin to perfection through the Keys of Creation

- Alpha to Phi (golden mean ration)



The Keys of Creation are bringing much deeper access to the divine now. Also, as I grow, as my own Earth-bound consciousness evolves, the power of the Keys that I can bring forward is increasingly powerful. Now is a wonderful time to explore the wonderful Keys of Creation. Have a look at the Light Key System and the tools I have developed using the Keys on the Iona Light website. Try out the Keys below and see for yourself. It may seem strange to you - just as it did to me when they were revealed to me by Joseph of Aragon and my higher self many years ago - but they really work! Shastra and I have always said that "experiencing is believing" with the Keys of Creation... so go on, see for yourself!


Anaritas Keys for you to try out and use freely:


(Pronounced secu-narimbeedoh)

Use this everyday for aligning your spirit (the real you) to your physical body 


(Pronounced secu-ambeedoh-nos)

Excellent for psychological reversal, or self-sabotage - for when you spill things, crunch the gears in the car, mix up your words and thoughts! 


Grounds you and your physical body to Earth


(Pronounced secu-kesh-uu-ah-An)

Important for healing work to help you accept the consciousness change and to process the shift you are going through.

Feel free to use these Keys every day. Often healers are ungrounded and their clients can be even worse. It is really easy to use these Keys in any healing situation to ensure that the very best can be given and received during the session.

(Feedback on using these Keys alone shows how effective and special they are. Just saying these Anaritas Keys out loud can calm down a family situation! Get the children to say them when they are falling out, upset or off-balance and then ask them to take a deep breath - watch what happens!)

New Key Formats...

The Great Library of Ascetu-um

I have been accessing some information from The Great Library of Ascetu-um. Currently I am working with The Enuula Sii-Aku Texts. These are symbol-based texts that are read with the finger which scans across the text to pick up the energy/information directed through the symbols. There are three volumes of The Enulla Sii-Aku Texts and Volume One is available now. The wonderful benefit of these new Key texts is that they completely bypass the mind's refusal to accept divine truth, allowing the being that you are to absorb the frequencies that repair your fragmented consciousness. The Library has a great deal of information that is now becoming available to us here on Earth and I will continue to work with the Library to translate more information in due course.

Healing Symbol Diagrams

Another format of Key work that I am currently developing involves working with Supra-Consciousness (we exist at Consciousness level. Above that is Super-Consciousness and above that is Supra-Consciousness) to access high-level energy healing tools. These diagrams comprise symbols, Anaritas Keys and geometric shapes that focus the energies coming from Supra-Consciousness.

More information about both of these new developments is available on request by calling us on 0044 (0)1382 581951 or through email.