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Current W.I.S.E. Event for January 2015: Please repeat 6 December 2014

**See MINI W.I.S.E. Action below in sidebar!!**

The MP3 file for the 6 December Full Moon action is available below.

This W.I.S.E. action continues the theme of bringing unconditional Love to the Earth sphere and the near cosmos. The Light Bridge Matrix picture file is valid for all events until further notice. 

Shabdan will send out email messages to let you know when this and future events are due. (Join or rejoin - if you joined before March 2014 and have not yet reactivated your listing, click on his email list on the Iona Light website to rejoin, link in main menu bar above.)

You can also use the W.I.S.E. archive to benefit from and contribute to previous actions. For information about further work you can do with Shabdan please see the Workshop Page.

The W.I.S.E. actions are supported by the Cathedral of Surumetra, a light structure that is helping the world to heal and grow. For more information about the Cathedral, visit this page which also tells you about the Acension Window that is available to support healing at all levels and the gift of divine intercession.

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It is easy to take part!  

  1. Print off the picture file that you can access on the right. When you have the picture you can begin! This new cover picture is valid for actions from November 2012 onwards 
  2. Click on the audio file on the right and if you choose to play it in your computer audio player, the music will start, followed by my voice and you will have begun the work. Your energy will be directed to the time of the event, whether it's in the past or future
  3. Follow the instructions that I give you during the recording and we will be carrying out Earth healing together - SIMPLE!

You can download the recording to your MP3 player or play the recording directly through your computer. The process is simple and better in some ways that running a live event since it ensures no computer gliches can mar your participation or experience. It also give you the flexibility to choose the moment that suits you best to contribute as you can.

Make sure to set aside around about an hour for the work - the audio file itself is under 45 minutes. Switch off the phones and arrange not to be disturbed during that time. Perhaps you would like to have a drink of water to hand and a blanket to keep you warm. During the event you will receive deep healing and clearing as well as contributing to healing the Earth. The theme of the November action is unconditional Love.

You can do this work more than once if you want to. You can also do it together with friends or your local healng circle.

Thank you so much for being a part of this special world healing event! Please drink plenty of water afterwards!!


See how other people are enjoying the W.I.S.E. guided meditation for W.I.S.E. on my Feedback page. Send your feedback to me by email or text.


 The Council of Nine

We the Council of Nine speak from the centre of the universe where we work to coordinate the Earth process in conjunction with the will of the divine. The W.I.S.E. action is supported by spirit across the ascended realms. The Masters of light gather, the Angels, the Over-lighting devas, the Elohim and all who are concerned with the evolution of consciousness on Earth, and come to build the power of the light towards this event. Feel it in your heart, discerning for yourself the truth of this so that you will come to know in the deepest part of your being the power of this unconditional loving action.

Where there is divine will, there is divine, loving action.

As you read this text and as you choose of your own free will to commit to participating in this W.I.S.E. action we will work with you to help you to remember that you are a capable and learned master of light. We will work to help you to re-align your consciousness to that power and capability for it is from this place that you can offer so much to this world. In this moment – if you choose it – we work to gently re-structure your metaphysical light consciousness projection in this world to a clearer level. Through this alignment you begin to remember more of who you truly are - your unique and special spiritual nature that is filled with love, with peace and such effervescence – enthusiasm, commitment and determination. These qualities render you impervious to the distortion of consciousness that act as filters upon your essence and ability to express your true nature. Choose to align yourself to that true state of your being – the place of the gentle and loving master.

In this place, your contribution to a W.I.S.E. action is immense and powerful. Be one with us, the Council of Nine and affirm that you choose of your own free will to participate in W.I.S.E. actions, for the greater good of all life on Earth.

Peace to you, the Council of Nine.  







Email: shabdan@shabdan.com
Phone: 07786692822

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1. Light Bridge Matrix:body

To print out the picture of the moon that acts as a light bridge for you to participate in this joint action from any time or place please right click on the image and select 'Save as'. You can then save it in your Pictures file and print out on plain paper.

2. Audio File:

If you would rather download the MP3 file to use on your portable music player, please right click on the link and choose "Save as/Save link as/Save target as".

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If you would like to make a small contribution to support Shabdan's Earth healing work through the W.I.S.E. Action, please press this button - very much appreciated to fund this project, thank you!

The donations coordinator will be shown as Fiona Mackenzie. Payments will be made through Iona Light.



MINI WISE MP3 Logo.jpg

1. Audio File: mini W.I.S.E. December 2014

This 12.5 minute daily action will support the unconditional Love coming through the Earth - with your contribution. Thank you for your participation. Please remember to use the Light Bridge Matrix with the mini W.I.S.E. meditation.

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  About Shabdan:

Shabdan is an aspect of the Keeper of the Keys of Creation and cares passionately for the Earth. In 2006 he coordinated the River of Light (I Am Consciousness Stream) re-connection where over 30,000 people joined him via the internet, and in 2008 nearly one million people worked with him right across the world to request divine portals to be anchored into the Earth to support a consciousness shift for the Earth.

Shabdan is an extraordinary healer and clairvoyant, in touch with the divine through the Masters, Angels and Devas. He coordinates The Source Project, an exploration of consciousness and the anchoring of the fifth dimension here on Earth. He is also an experienced workshop leader and spiritual teacher.

Shabdan has worked across the UK and in Italy and Norway to bring his amazing Keys and spiritual teachings to many people. He has undertaken Earth healing action as far away as Antigua, the Arctic Circle, France, Italy and other places to help bring about the new consciousness paradigm shift that Spirit is unfolding on Earth.

You can find out more about Shabdan on "About" under "Shabdan" above.


Blue Moon - what is it?


A blue moon is a second full moon occuring in the same calendar month! They are spiritually very powerful and we will use this amazing power to boost the radiance of the spiritual healing work that we will do together.