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On November 6th it was wonderful to be part of this unconditional love flowing in through and around the earth and ourselves. Siirenna, Pauline, Mary

And when I repeated the action tonight I was reminded of how the light key that helps to open and expand the heart was so truly amazing. Its warming, soft, expansive action was just so soothing with all the love. And the keyboard music was just like the sounds from the Surumetra cathedral of light and geometry! Always so lovely to do and be part of the WISE planet full moon actions. Thank you, namaste, Siirenna x x x

It was lovely to reconnect, and to be a part of Shabdan and your work.  Thank you both for what you’re doing - it felt amazing so I’m sure it must have been doing something very valuable for the planet.  With love and light in abundance, Clare

I love the WISE action, it's so easy, so lovely. I hope I can help make this planet a better place. xx Heather

Amazing thank you Shabdan. Christa

I'll certainly be doing it again! Thank you Shabdan. Joy

Done it just held intention and WOW amazing Wise meditation felt really powerful, thank u for bringing this to the world u r such a treasure Shabdan x will be doing it again - Suzanne


March 2014

About the W.I.S.E. action tonight: it was our usual trio and it was a delight to do! We all felt our chakras clearing and opening in a soft and gentle way...And experienced great energy throughout!!! It was wonderful to experience it going out to the world and all humanity and other light workers...We felt wonderful!!! it was truly a blessing and a gift to us and the world, thank you so much for bringing this forward for us all...We will joyfully do this as often as possible :-) much love, Tracy, Pauline and Mary

What amazing energies at this W.I.S.E. action!! So very powerful and at the same time gentle. I felt a lot of release, and moved deeply to a very light and still place. And so wonderful to be a part of world healing - I could really sense it. Thank you and bless you. Shishkhana


July 2013

Namaste Shabdan and thank you from the centre of my heart (why do we usually use (bottom of my heart?) Love and light, Joy

Catherine wrote: "Thank you for your service Shabdan xxx"

Mara wrote: "thank you,dear Shabdan,for your help and service <3"

Thank you.This was a wonderful experience. I was with you for the first time during the  December broadcast and wondered if I would feel as connected with you and the Energies for this one. I am happy to say that I did.  I even thought that I saw an internal rainbow as the clearings proceeded. The electric power went off in the house for a few seconds as soon as your audio tape ended. Thank you for the support which you are giving  in these times of momentous change. Beulah

Thank You Shabdan! :0) Victoria

 Love Shabadan's meditations. Ann

I just did the W.I.S.E. thing. It was amazing! I laughed and cried all the way through! :) Katy

I'm so happy! DIscovered new W.I.S.E. and ws able to download. Tried it it out last night. It is AMAZING! I feel the effect already, it is so soft & gentle, I feel light! Will take part tonight, but  a little later. Bless you and thank you, Shishkhana xx

Geeta wrote: "namaste shabdan.beautiful healing."


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January 2013

Thank you, thank you thank you! I just tried it and I experienced such a wonderful healing and transformation! And for me such great timing with the theme of compassion! Sunday I with gather with a small group and look forward to that! And I will keep repeating this WISE as I also sensed the great healing for our planet. Love, Shishkhana
Victoria wrote: "love and light!x"
Just completed the latest WISE meditation here in Milwaukee Wisconsin. USA as with all the other WISE meditations I really enjoyed it. I will certainly be doing it again. I have noticed how calm and lighter I feel. Thank you. Evroula
Thanks for the wonderful healing Shabdan :-) xxx Catherine

December 2012

28 December 

Greetings from Canada. The December 28th meditation , message, and healing energy is beautiful. I am looking forward to January and beyond........Thank You, Lorrie

Infinite Blessings Shabdan~ Thank you for seeing/connecting with my light:-) I just finished doing the first W.I.S.E. action again, and then right after completed the second one for the first time... I will be doing both again and again to continue to move deeper and more fully into it... Thank you so much for your Light work and for these special gifts hat I feel honored to connect to... With All Light, Roxanne Master"

I just listened to today's W.I.S.E event--how very special it was!  I had tears of joy throughout the event, connecting with the Ascension Window and with the Divine.  Powerfully delivered and transmitted! Mahalo nui loa (abundant gratitude) and aloha nui (great love) to you, dearest Ones! Hileah in Honolulu


Thank you Shabdan. Plan to do this again tomorrow. Great to hear the window is staying open! Joy

 I have loved all the WISE action events so far - they are wonderful - thank you so much Shabdan and Shastra xxxx Catherine

Hare Krishna xxx love and Light xx Franny

thank u SHABDAN this has been an amazing experience. Love&angel blessings marionxxx

It is an honour to work with everyone who participated (and those who are still going to participate) in this action to keep the Ascension Window open. Your commitment as lightworkers to support the Earth is appreciated at every level. Love and light to you all, Shabdan and Shastra xx

21 December

Wow, I completed the Part 1 meditation/healing at 7pm tonight - it was awesome! I loved it. Thank you so much Shabdan :-) xxxx Catherine

Thank you for an amazing WISE, feel light and blessed!! Love, Shishkhana xx

thank you shabdan that was amazing thank u for your loving service to the DIVINE and to MOTHER EARTH.i loved it bless you.xxxmarion

Thank you Shabdan, the meditations were wonderful and amazing. I am most grateful for this opportunity. Blessings in love & light to all! Anna xoxox

 I completed the first meditation in Bahrain at 3 15pm your time mid day ish? It was amazing, I saw colours and lights and felt the Moses light I was very warm in the area between my heart Chakra and my Solar Plexus, in fact I still am warm this morning. I also look different, my husband was amazed as he saw me after I finished the first one and said I had lost 10 years of age in the space of an hour! Thank you Shabdan! I will complete part 2 today. Clare

All Blessings of Infinite Unconditional Love and Light to You.....
I just finished the 1st part of The Winter Solstice W.I.S.E. action...
Thank you with all of my Heart and Spirit for these Divine Gifts that I can feel so deeply.... I know that I will continue to participate in these meditation activations and move deeper and deeper into letting go, fully allowing in, and stabilizing/holding these frequencies within my being. For me, listening to your voice and feeling your pure energy of sweetness, unconditional love, and gentleness was being in the Presence of all Divine: God Supreme, Master Sonanda, Buddha, and all of the Angels...
Blessings and Gratitude of the Highest Light~ Roxanne

hello shabdan.. :) sending you love and light! Victoria x


November 2012

I worked with the WISE action last night. It was such an incredible experience and so gentle…I experienced a glimpse of just being in the moment out of time where everything was happening now. It was only a split second but that was all I needed. I have come to understand that love is the only thing that exists in creation, only at different frequencies, and nothing can stand against such softness and purity – it all falls away. I can see and welcome a time when everything is one again, as it is and always has been. Sheduwin

I just worked with WISE. It was a beautiful experience. Shishkhana

Thankyou Shabdan, I have just completed the WISE action and it was so beautiful and loving :-) xxx


August 2012 (first W.I.S.E. action)

Thank you for an amazing experience on the 31st. A group of four of us sat together for this beautiful connection and we will keep going until September, love and light, Mary

A September event would be great, but I will repeat in the meantime too - it was a fantastic experience and I woke up the next morning to what felt like a new world!! Anisha

Thank you Shabdan for your loving service on 31st August, the energies were amazing, love &angel blessings, Marion xxx Would love to take part again

We all did the world healing in a group of four on Friday and encouraged many other lightworkers to join in as well... all the feedback has been amazing! Many experiencing great shifts within themselves from our beloved brothers and sisters. It felt extremely powerful and it was a wonderful thing to be with all the beautiful  beings and angels who were with us during the event and continue tobe. We shall repeat it again on Friday and as often as we can. Thank you. Tracy

An amazing experience glad to have been part of it. Maggie H

It is a pleasure to be part of such a wonderful event. Have done it twice so far but Will repeat. Xx Thanku Shabdan for your loving Energy and guidance. Bless you, and all that have been involvedXx look forward to more events to come in the future Xx Sarah

Hello Shabdan the W.I.S.E. was fab, the energy was so intense I felt a connection with the statue in Brazil, when we did the bit with illumination I got a bit mixed up to have energy flowing up or down, also did my own healing work out walking the dog I felt the earth liked this, definitely feel a slight difference but see it more so in others, happier in general, so bless you and thanks for letting me become part of this special time on our planet. Heather


I live in Greece, and I did this meditation yesterday, slightly earlier. It was an amazing experience and the dream I had afterwards was amazing too. Thanks for a wonderful experience. Annie

Looking forward to doing the next one felt a definite shift within physical body after last one thank you xxx Ann

Thanks - it was a wonderful meditation and felt very powerful. Everyone that I've spoken to seems to be of same opinion and that it would be great if there was more! Must have taken you ages but it was just like having you in the same room (probably was!). Love, Maggie G

Really enjoyed the W.I.S.E. event yesterday evening.  Very beneficial.  Can you create some more such clearings for the future please? You say that we can repeat the process - up until when is it possible to do so and for it to still be beneficial for us individually and our beautiful planet?  If the Lords of Karma are continuing the clearing for 2 months, can we continue to use it for that length of time also? Love Sally

{Shabdan: I have just been talking to my guides who would be very pleased if we did some further work on full moons, the next being 30 September. You can still contribute to this one for as long as the audio file is on the website. I'll take it off when the moment is over.}

 The full moon was fantastic - I really felt it more powerful on the actual day but am not sure if thats because it was my 4th go and the energies were clearing better anyway. As mentioned in my text ... I do hope we get some more music as this is something I found particularly healing - my legs feel more flexible certainly and I feel more centred and peaceful. Iona

{Shabdan: thank you also, Iona, for your suggestion about making a shorter version minus explanations for repeat listens. I was thinking the same myself and will get on to it. In the meantime, try pulling the cursor on the player forward to minute 14 and start there.}

Thank you to you both for holding such a beautiful space for the light work to unfold. We really enjoyed the MP3, it felt as though Shabdan was in the room with us.A special thank you to Shabdan for listening to his guidance and offering us all an opportunity to be a part of something greater than ourselves. with love & light, Kyla & Keith xx

Thank you to you both for an amazing experience. Myself and my friends found it a beautiful way to help ourselves, our loved ones and all the souls that live on our planet. Just thinking about it brings back the warmth and love we all created, Thank you again. Sarah and friends

Thank you for a wonderful meditation, very powerful energy, will continue to use, Namaste xx  Ann

Hi to everyone, amazing time, I started connection at 4ish and sent it to join you at 7pm xx Whilst clearing the Karma, tears started rolling down my face, strangely enough not from me but through me if that makes sense. I felt a huge healing occurred throughout the earth and universe, Thank you for arranging this, Namastexx :-)  Maureen

Greetings from Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA. Thank you so much for this event. I will be repeating it often. Love and light to you both. Evroula

 Thanks for today it was magic xx Christa

Amazin. namaste x  Elaine

 Thank you ! That was splendid. Joy

Thanks Shabdan and Shastra for a beautiful healing event, loved the energies. Catherine xxx

A wonderful experience, thank you all very much!!! Greetings from Greece :-) Lina

Greetings from Oslo! Five people gathered at my working healing space for this wonderful, exciting event of W.I.S.E action. Some had met Shabdan when he was in Oslo, and some were new to his work. We had such an amazing and wonderful time. All felt lots of clearing, shifts and joy in their hearts. As we ended the sky had cleared and the evening sun brought light into the room, mirroring how illuminated we felt! We all give great thanks to the Divine, the Masters, the Angels and all who made all this possible! A special thanks to Shabdan and Shastra. In gratitude and love, Shishkhana xx

I can feel such joy and anticipation in the air. I can really see we are on the cusp of a threshhold that cannot be stopped as it ripples out. Such a positive change today. W.I.S.E. will be a success. I am certain of this now. Bless you and thank you. Sheduwin

Peace and blessings to you and Shastra. Thankyou for this wonderful healing work. Eve, Helena and I have already taken part and Anna is participating next Tuesday. I wanted to give you feedback because i can already feel a huge shift and release in myself. it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off me and i can see more clearly now. How often can we repeat the meditation over the next few months? Kathy

{Shabdan: As often as you like!}

I tried the W.I.S.E. action outside the airport in Norwich in the sunshine as I got there early, and it felt great. Looking forward to repeating it in Guernsey soon. Please tell Shabdan the music is wonderful. Hope you get loads of people doing the meditation. I felt the explanations and his gentle voice were great and I particularly loved the energies of the angels of the cosmic heart. Iona x

I tried it too and had amazing experiences! Felt so much being cleared by such love. The connecting to the cathedral of light over Norway and Sweden was absolutely wonderful!! Looking forward to having a small group with me on Friday here in Oslo. Shishkhana

Thankyou Shabdan, I have just completed the WISE action and it was so beautiful and loving :-) xxx


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