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Celebrating Self Light Chamber

"My body, mind and spirit are filled with light, with unending love and with deep peace. I am quiet, still and gently in my heart. I see my body filled with peace, I see the floor on which my feet are resting filled with peace. I see the room around me filled with peace. I sense the whole space filled with peace, with love, with light."

"My home is filled with peace, the street in which I live is filled with peace. The land around me is filled with peace. I see the whole world filled with peace, with love and with light."

"This is true for me, now, here, today.

It is my reality, my choice and my manifestation. And So It Is."

Come in... enter the Light Chamber of 'Celebrating Self' within the Ekha'an Schools of Light and Wisdom, come...

Take this simple action at the beginning of your day, every day...

As you read this text, you are being drawn ever so lightly into the Light Chamber - a stone-built room within the Ekha'an Schools. It is filled with light, such a soft, radiant, ethereal light.  As you enter, you take a deeper breath. You cannot help yourself, the shift in vibration, the beautiful feeling of love and deep peace, causes an involuntary intake of breath as you adjust. You can immediately feel the energy of the space filling your physical body right now.

The room is just the way that you imagined it - the proportions, the size, the feel of it - it is such a beautiful space, filled with wonderful spiritual light.

Sit now, or stand as you choose, but become still, focusing inwards, centring yourself now as you can and gently say the following words out loud or quietly to yourself as you wish. As you do so, feel, sense and visualise what you are saying with loving intention:

This loving and peace-filled action is supported by the Divine and through the Ekha'an Schools of Light and Wisdom in Supra-consciousness who amplify and radiate your intention, softly throughout your body, mind, spirit and aura, and throughout the world.

Peace to you, to myself and to the world...