Celebrating Self!

Join a gentle community of people 'celebrating self', growing spiritually and contributing softly to building the love, the light and the peace on Earth.

Celebrate Yourself!

'We are on a mission from God to save the Earth!' At least that is what many people on the spiritual pathway have believed for a very long time now. I used to think that was what I was doing here myself.


It is in fact a mis-interpretation of what we are doing here. Being on a mission creates opposites - "I have the truth" you say, and someone else stands up and says, "no you don't, I do and its different from yours!" Before long there is conflict and... well you know the rest, you have suffered the consequences before, in other lifetimes, and may very well feel that you do so in this lifetime too!

There is another way, simply celebrate self! By celebrating yourself, you are quietly healing and growing spiritually, nurturing yourself, giving to yourself and loving yourself. When you do this, you feel more content and you have the capacity to share that love and to be able to bring nurture to others and to the planet. When you celebrate yourself, you don't teach - teaching can create opposites too... "this is the right information... its true," you say, and... there can be an opposing view!

So you simply share with those who feels drawn to you because they see your light radiating from you, they feel the love inside you, they sense and see the serenity with which you live your life and express yourself. If someone says to you, "what you say doesn't resonate with me," you can say, "that's okay with me, I have no expectations, please feel free to find another way." Then let them go on their way. In this, there is no conflict, no opposite for you that can bring to harm you.


'Be like a very small child, living joyfully in the ever-present now.'   

Eileen Caddy

Another most wonderful thing that arises quite naturally when you perfect your own consciousness. When you celebrate yourself, you gently cause a very positive entrainment effect to occur.


An experiment was done in the 1800's. a large number of pendulum clocks of different sizes were placed in a room together. They were made to run - their pendulums swinging randomly, independent rhythms from one another. After a period of time, all of the pendulums from the smallest to the largest grandfather clock were swinging at the speed and in sync with the largest grandfather clock! They were said to have been entrained by the most dominant pendulum swinging in the room. 

As you grow spiritually, your vibration rises and as it does so, the increase can cause an entrainment effect upon the world both locally and in the world -  your energy pattern is like the largest grandfather clock pendulum. All of the other energy patterns in the world - all of the other pendula - begin to feel the entrainment effect and will gradually seek of the own volition, to adopt the same gentle and loving rhythm! Entrainment causes NO opposites, no conflicts, just the most gentle spiritual growth possible in the world.

Many people I have shared this with, have breathed a sigh of relief. It is as if they can finally put down the heavy burden that they have been carrying, the responsibility that they feel for others. They have felt that they can now give their full attention to helping themselves, and it has felt to be the right thing for them to do. Perhaps you are feeling this way too?

If this resonates with your spiritual heart, why not join this growing gentle community of wonderful souls, learning a little more each day to celebrate themselves.


Much Love, Shabdan 

Celebrating 'self' - together!


bringing light to the world