Karma Clearing Workshop


23 February, 7pm - 8pm (£22)

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Workshop Replay for those who have registered:

NEW! Karmic Clearing with the Divine – A Workshop with Shabdan


There has been a new development with Divine Intercession – the Divine will now intercede in the process of karmic clearing relating to a specific person in your life. Through Divine Intercession, this far-reaching action will address:

  • Layers of your karma with the specific person

  • Layers of their karma with you

  • Third party involvement (where that involvement is obstructing or limiting the clearing between you and the specific person)


This is an incredible development taking place through the Ekha’an Schools of Light and Wisdom. The Divine is clearly experimenting with the process of interceding in the free will of the human race, and we can benefit from that right now. I have watched the level of divine intercession increase dramatically since 2013 to this newly-available level.  I was encouraged to offer a workshop to give you the opportunity to clear deeply into the imbalances that may lie between you and other people.


You simply attend the workshop bearing several key people in your life in mind. They will be addressed one at a time. We all incarnate with people who are the main players in our lives - those with whom we have critically important karmic imbalances that we aim to resolve during this lifetime. These people can include parents, partners and children, extended family members, friends, people at work and even people you only meet occasionally.


The Divine is offering an extraordinary opportunity to work deeply into stuck and limiting patterns so that we can reclaim elements of our power and unblock ourselves where we have been derailed, in order to resume focus on evolving our consciousness.


If this workshop excites you and speaks to your heart – as it does to mine – then please join me!


Please prepare by spending time writing down a short-list of people in your life with whom you feel you have the deepest karmic imbalances. Reflect on your life, listening to your heart’s guidance, and make a final list, picking the key people from your short-list that you really want to clear with. Choose up to four people for the workshop. If you cannot easily identify your key people, take time and sleep on it to let the Divine show you who they are.


Session Date: 23 February 2021

Session Fee: £22

Session Time: 7pm

The workshop will be held online through ‘gotomeeting.com’