12 Monthly Expansion and Realignment Workshops 

- a foundation for spiritual development -

Iona Light presents the opportunity to join Shabdan for a monthly consciousness expansion and realignment experience that is not only significant but also a great energetic experience!

This workshop is about important general energy maintenance and development, introducing new frequencies and rebuilding your consciousness to a higher order of vibration. You will learn how to work with your Merkaba fields and receive realignments that will help in your healing work. Course elements include:

  • Energy maintenance

  • Deepening the 12 stranded DNA activations

  • Chakra coding and awakening to the 5th dimension

  • Merkaba Resonance* activations and corrections, up to the 12th dimension

  • Aura corrections and rebalancing

  • Consciousness entrainment and reordering

  • Ongoing relevant information as it arises to help you

  • And... more that is unwritten as yet!

This is an effective monthly process that will really underpin and support your continuing spiritual journey, complementing your own self-healing and any Silent Prayer sessions with Shabdan that you book. You will discover an increasing sensitivity to spiritual energies through this course and experience an accelerated consciousness expansion.

  • The course runs for a period of 12 months

  • *A Handbook on Merkaba Resonances up to the 12th dimension with activation keys is included in the course

  • Sessions will be supported by an audio recording of the content of each session, posted monthly so you can catch up on sessions you have missed or revisit ones you want to repeat. 

         NOTE: Recordings will be available online until 4 February 2020

Register your interest in the course by texting Shabdan on +44 7786 692822 or emailing shabdan@shabdan.com


I Am the Light!


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