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Shabdan offers a range of free and paid online courses. Follow the links below for more information and booking.

You can book courses by emailing your contact information and choice of course.


Shabdan will book you into the course and contact you with payment details for paid courses. Links for courses will be emailed to you in time for the meeting date.

Follow where the heart leads... always!

Courses Now Available and Coming Soon:

The Book of Kindness Courses

- Wow! These courses are AMAZING! I say this boldly because I have been working on the elements included in them, shown to me by Spirit and I am amazed at what these processes are doing for me. So, I know what they can do for you. People who have taken them are really engaged and grateful for the positive energy and life changes they are seeing in themselves.

it is possible to build successfully, clear, high-vibration light consciousness and through it truly celebrate ourselves, helping our wonderful world in return.
The Book of Kindness courses break down powerful transformation into easy steps, which include attunements and tools. Join me for the 12-month-long exciting transformational courses and see for yourself! PDF Handbooks are included along with all audio lessons, tools and so on.
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Talking about Enlightenment - Free Now
- Shabdan's Experiences of Enlightenment
Talking about Meditation - Free Now

- Introducing Shabdan's CHM Meditation System 
Introducing Ascension Reiki - Free
Experience Ascension Reiki for yourself and hear about the energy system and its origins
Meeting the Keys of Creation - Free
- Shabdan's Keys are powerful, direct expression of alignment to the Divine. Hear all about the Keys of Creation and how they can help you
Power, Vows, Holding and Allowing
Set yourself free of these limiting anchors to your past and expand your consciousness
Activating the Merkaba Resonances
- Available as a stand-alone course and as a part of the 12 Monthly Expansion and Realignment course, these powerful activations really help your vibration increase

- Learn about Shabdan's Higher-self and his Retreat over the beautiful Isle of Iona - linked to the heart of Mother Earth and Galactic Centre