Personal Healing

This page is here for when you need help, for when you need to reach out, for support and for healing. Follow the instructions set out below and then scroll to the picture of Shabdan below. Look into his eyes and make a connection, and... let go. You will receive healing from the Keys of Creation for as long as you hold your focus and for as long as you need it.

You can use this page if you can't sleep - simply have it open in the room as you snuggle down and rest. It can be used with young children too.


Ground now before you begin to work - and after you have finished working too. You can use my Anaritas Keys to help you to ground properly.

Say: secu-ambido-nos (secu-ambeedoh-nos) to correct self-sabotage, secu-narimbido (secu-narimbeedoh) to align your spirit to your body and Garusan to ground to Earth. (Further Keys are available here.)

Now look into my eyes in the picture below and hold your attention on the issues that you want to address:

"Let your emotional and karmic issues come forward now. Hold them in your awareness and connect with me. Now simply breathe out deeply and let them go. We are here to help you..."