Personal Healing Sessions

Shabdan is now offering small Group 'Silent Prayer' Healing Sessions.

These sessions offer extraordinary healing tailored precisely to each person attending, with the healing benefits lasting for days afterwards.

Here is what several participants have said about the sessions:

..."incredible and the effects lasted for days" ..."amazing" ..."the shifts were so powerful"


Forty minutes of intense 'Silent Prayer' - Shabdan sits in silent contemplation, holding you safely in Divine Resonance. Instead of receiving healing that is a combination of your and Shabdan's highest perception of your needs, you receive exactly what you need from at this time from the Divine. If there are specific issues that you know are troubling you, you can hold them in your awareness and they will be addressed for you. 

"This is probably the most power healing I have ever offered," says Shabdan. 

In-depth healing in its simplest form, there can be no better way to receive effective help for your issues, emotion and spiritual development. Although the sessions are conducted online in a small group setting, you are in your own space with only Shabdan on video. You can communicate with him by messaging or speak to him if you prefer, otherwise you can remain anonymous, held in a very safe space.

Session Fees: £45 for 45 minutes overall.

Book directly with Shabdan by email, by text or 'Whatsapp'.

Receive emails monthly giving you the dates of upcoming sessions by joining his email list.

Shabdan is a healing facilitator with more than 25 years healing knowledge and experience, who has worked with over a thousand clients, carrying out in-depth spiritual developmental work with them.

In that time he has had the privilege - as he puts it - of helping a significant number to cross the threshold of enlightenment.


"It is a celebration and the culmination of many lifetimes healing work that brings these wonderful people to this place. In this lifetime, their hard and focused healing work, their passion and commitment to their personal spiritual journey, has brought them to this important threshold. There can be no greater purpose for any of us in this lifetime!


This pathway is open to all. This new form of healing, this 'Silent Prayer' work is an important part of achieving that intention."

                                                                                                                                            Shabdan, 2018


Let the Light in!