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A new era is dawning in how we can heal. Shabdan has now developed a simple healing system that 

Source Light Project Vision

As we expand our consciousness - awakening to a deeper reality, we find that we are still bound to the outer world that can be said to be unconscious. That unconsciousness is a significant part of what holds us, limiting our expansion and true self-expression


The joyful, liberated spiritual being inside is constrained.


However, what if there was a way to set ourselves free of this constraint? What if, in addition, it were possible to resolve the personal inner conflicts and investments that keep us running round in circles, repeating old deep-set patterns? What if there was an easy way to resolve our own unconscious behaviour?

Shabdan has access to the Keys of Creation - powerful symbols and light language, and a depth of knowledge perfected over 25 years that can meet this challenge. His recent discoveries are set to spark a revolution in how we can heal and grow.

Working online with Shabdan, with his very accessible tools and healing information, you can permanently elevate to a much higher version of yourself. This is the work of the Source Light Project, a vision of personal freedom, spiritual expansion and an opportunity to rebuild your awakened, enlightened mind. This awakening will profoundly serve our Mother Earth and every life-form within her sphere of consciousness.

Investing in myself brings me the greatest rewards.

Healing myself deeply is the greatest gift I can ever give to the world.

Source Light Project Aims


  • Encourage people to live in a Love- consciousness paradigm

  • Teach tools to refine and elevate consciousness, for example by

    1. Addressing deep self-sabotage

    2. Clearing discordance and emotion

    3. Progressing from opposites to unity

    4. Replacing 'mission consciousness' with 'self-celebration'

    5. Rebuilding the enlightened mind

  • Ultimately change the world through enlightened consciousness entrainment (See 'An Introduction to the Source Light Project for an explanation of entrainment.)

We are simply travelling companions, you and I. Will you be my teacher until I  have to take a different road?

Source Light Project Statement


By a gentle pathway of profound levels of healing, we can learn to hold our highest light. By holding the highest light we can inspire it in others. By building the deepest Love in ourselves we can see Love in everything around us. By teaching and learning at the highest vibration, we are empowered to serve the world and the Divine in the best way we can.

Shabdan says:

"We are fellow travellers on this path who have found each other and may share company. You have gems to teach me and perhaps I have some to give to you too! When we have completed what we came to do together, then we may part company at the next fork in the road... or perhaps we will choose to walk a little further together in friendship."

Online FREE Workshops
An Introduction to the Source Light Project

Our planet needs our help. There are many reasons why. They are in the media on a daily basis. How can we give that help effectively? how can I make a real difference when the issues are overwhelming and I am a solitary voice, when I have my own issues and cannot yet stand on solid foundations?

The Source Light Project offers a new pathway in which we who are on the spiritual path, can make a positive contribution. 

The process of entrainment - where a dominant vibration causes less powerful vibrations to entrain, to adopt the pattern or vibration of the dominant one. In spiritual terms, if your consciousness vibration rises 'several points', it will cause a shift within your local environment. If you can learn to stabilise your vibration at the higher level, then your local environment will have to rise  to some degree in order to establish a harmonious relationship with you.

Often when we try to bring about changes in consciousness in the world, we create opposites - we say "this is the solution" and because we are in duality, there will always be some opposition, something that says "no, the solution is over here". As we know, there are as many perspectives as there are people on the Earth. What we do know is that there are many unenlightened choices being made every day. However, how do any of us know that any choice we make is the one that will resolve the Climate Change issue, world poverty, wars and famine, to name but a few major issues?

What if we do not even try to find the answers for ourselves? What if we simply caused a consciousness awakening whereby those with the expertise, the knowledge, or even those with the passion who are on the front line of the issues, suddenly found clarity or could be heard so that change would find its own way? This has most usually been the way. It is because of our growing awareness that we begin to choose to do things differently, in a better, more enlightened way.

How could this be possible? Entrainment. Not building opposites. Bringing light to the world. And how do we do this? We drop 'Mission Consciousness'. Instead we simply 'Celebrate Ourselves'. 

Join Shabdan in a groundbreaking approach to living your life and participating in the only healing action you will ever want to take again, once you have heard what he has to say!

The Next Steps to Action:

  • Watch the Video with Shabdan below.

  • Join Shabdan in a healing programme all about 'Celebrating Self'

  • Spread the word to others on the spiritual path!

  • Rise above all of the noise and suffering.

  • Set yourself FREE!

You do not have to live in a place of suffering. You can rise above it all and yet remain compassionate and loving towards humanity and the world

The key to our spiritual development is to learn how to step out of the patterns of consciousness that are associated with being the unconscious human and awaken to a higher consciousness paradigm. There are simple techniques, tools and new ways of understanding that can help to bring this about. Most important of all is to learn how to stop looking, thinking and projecting outwards and to begin to move back to the centre of ourselves, by seeking inwards.

If we continue to invest and attach, and to repeat the patterns of consciousness that are familiar to us, then we will continue to recreate life exactly as we have for millennia. In this lifetime, we are mostly the product of our past, the so-called karma and emotion, and the unconscious mind. The way to break free from this circle is to spiral upwards! 

Shabdan offers great insights, tools and techniques though his teachings that can rapidly re-align you to a new life paradigm. You can step out of limitation and repetition and rebuild yourself gradually as you truly are, underneath the veils of illusion that we have all been subject to. The Divine is calling out to you. If you feel yourself drawn to Shabdan in this moment, perhaps you can share the next steps on your spiritual journey with him?


If you are beginning to awaken, if you have been on the spiritual path for some time now or if you wish to deepen your spiritual journey and raise your vibration, the Source Light Project could be for you!