Temple of the Heart - The Temple of Ank-Qor

Enter the Temple of the Heart and simply allow yourself to surrender to your heart - the Divine within you...

Presided over by Lord Anju and Lady Anui - Shabdan's higher-self and Twin Flame - known as the Keeper of the Keys of Creation, there is a great Temple of Light, a pyramid so tall and so high in vibration that its marble-clad apex is in the divine...

Visualisation Healing-Meditation:


"...Come now, walk across the open expanse of the white marble plaza set in front of the Temple and look up at the white-light shining edifice of this most wondrous light structure.

Make your way to the steps that ascend to the entrance and climb lightly up them. Your vibration has already increased to prepare to you for entering within.

Now, the light inside the pyramid reaches you and touches your heart, your essence and you smile. A softness permeates your being and you feel ready to enter the Temlpe of Ank-Qor. There on the threshold are Lord Anju and Lady Anui to greet you. Lord Anju holds a staff in his strong right hand with an iridescent crystal encased at the top of it.

Both bow their heads a little and with this simple movement, you are invited into this most loving Temple of the Heart.

Crossing from the outer world-self, inwards to the light-you, the authentic you and in to the Temple space beyond, you find yourself in a great pyramid-shaped hall. A warm and shiny white marble floor accepts your feet and as you almost float across it, you cast an eye upwards. your vision focuses ever higher up the converging walls to the very pinnacle of this insuperable structure of light and there the divine comes into view -

                             at least that part of it that you can visualise in your heart in this moment. Time stops and the heart chakra opens widely both to the front and back in response. Light beams cascade from the apex down towards you now and you are filled with such gentle and pure light. There is nothing that can compare with this quality of light in any of your spiritual experiences to this point in your life...

A Message from Lord Anju and Lady  Anui:

"...Blessed one, hear the divine speak to you in pure silence to the complete stillness of your heart, feel, sense, be one with the ever-present consciousness of the Is. Breathe softly and utter no sound but give your all to this unity,

this oneness.


Tenderly and fondly surrender that which was never more than the superficial, that which you have believed yourself to be for only a little while against the backdrop of the eternal and let it go. Let it dissolve back into the ether from which it briefly danced in the moonlight and gave birth to joy and freedom of self-expression and creativity.


Magnificent form and breath, and life, we together are one and whole again, complete and content. Blessed Be."

The Font

Within the pyramid Temple of Anqor, off to one side of the great expanse of marble floor, there is a quiet area that is down some steps. there you find a reflection, crystal clear and still. It is a body of water contained in an octagonal carved stone vessel. the water brims to the very topmost edge of the font and flows softly, calmly over to be gathered lovingly through grating in the floor all around the font. The effect is rather like an infinity swimming pool. To one side there are stone steps that lead from the floor to the surface of the font that stands about chest height, invitingly drawing you to climb up and enter, to bathe, to wash away the tension, the thoughts and unhealed emotions. 

It feels easy to strip away the outer clothing and to climb the steps and to put a toe into the water sending out echoes of that movement.

The water feels comfortably warm and without hesitation you sit down on the top step and plunge into the font, immersing your body.

To your surprise, the water feels exceptionally buoyant and its crystalline form immediately begins to cleanse your body. You lie back and float so easily just below the surface and the ripples and eddies caused on the water's boundary to the air above, settle and still. The gentle spilling of the water lightly onto the grating resumes its quiet and peaceful rhythm once more.


You are spacing out, you can feel it. You use your breath to establish a higher equilibrium with the sacred water. Floating there in absolute silence and stillness all around you, save for the soft and very soothing water over-spill. Floating, you realise that you really are floating. Your body remains supported by the water but the real you is hovering just above it... and you are beginning to ascend farther. Up you go, rising on some celestial breeze, taken softly to some great inner height, some new consciousness state...


Go now, give way and come to know yourself anew.

                                                                Karat-es-Seva, Saratu, Nava-San...