Unifying Consciousness Testimonials (UCM)

I have found the UCM so incredibly versatile! It really can assist in clearing a wide range of healing issues.

it is so simple and easy to use, yet digs  deeply into layers of whatever you bring to the UCM to clear: aspects, stuck patterns, karmic issues - literally anything. 

Out of the many tools that I use from Shabdan, this one of my favourites!

Emma, 2019


I just had the most profound healing that I have ever experienced with the UCM.

I felt so expansive - which I have not experienced before!


The UCM is incredibly powerful - so much so that words are inadequate. So grateful and blessed.


Thank you with all my heart Shabdan.

Jane 2019

I Used the UCM this morning and I experienced the most profound healing. I havent experienced healing like this before!

Thank you from my heart Shabdan



Shabdan's UCM  is an incredibly powerful tool that has quickly become fundamental to my ongoing self-healing. The process is quick and simple to use, bringing near instant relief to challenges and issues that present themselves daily, so long as you can bring your awareness to them!

This tool is the culmination of many years of Shabdan's work and out of all of the innovative healing tools he has brought forward, this the one I constantly turn to. it enables me to take more responsibility for my own healing and helps me to feel lighter, clearer, centred and more connected, whatever is going on in life.


Personally I wouldn't want to ever be without it and I would highly recommend the UCM to anyone seeking to evolve and expand. 

Anisha, 2019