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Next session:

Every Sunday 2021 

At 7pm BST (2pm EST)

Contact Shabdan if you would like to join us.



31 January 2021

The group goes from strength to strength, with people giving of their time and service to the world every week!

Week after week, the Divine flows through us and brings unconditional Love into the world.

We see it making a difference and feel blessed to be a part of this gentle movement.
















21 June 2020

A Consciousness Hub has been added to the etheric Cathedral of Surumetra and we can now use it, through Love the World, to bring pure unconditional love to the entire Earth sphere, 24/7/365 instead of once a week.

The session this evening inaugurated the Hub and filled it with unconditional love, which then began the process of emanating love into the Cathedral of Surumetra and out into the world.

The quality of the love is different from the weekly sessions to date, carrying a new level of directness and purity into the Love the World weekly actions.

Right now, the primary focus of that unconditional love is the many in the world who can 'make a difference'. The love carries that message with it, speaking especially to the hearts of those who have specifically come here to make a difference, helping them to come forward and play their part, with the love still also going to every human being and to all life kingdoms throughout the Earth sphere.

This message and the copious amounts of unconditional love will meet those of the light force who have not yet been able to awaken to their pathways and fulfil their purpose.

The great blessing of this new Hub is that the more love that is fed into the Hub, the more it can radiate into the entire Earth sphere and strengthen those who have the capability to act and choose to bring about a just and loving world, working without end, around the clock!


28 March 2020

Love the World - Love is more than just a feeling or a comfort. Love is a force for good, for change and for consciousness awakening. Love can overcome all limitation - if it is used in the right way. People meditating together over a period of time contributed to crime reduction in one city during a consciousness experiment. How much more can Love do? I use a capital 'L' for Love because it is the most powerful and most sacred force in all the world.

'Love the World' is a specially focused spiritual action that draws the quality of Divine Intercession into the world - an action of interceding by the Divine to nudge it gently and lovingly onto a higher, natural path.

At this time, Covid 19, the new corona virus, is affecting the whole human world. It is uppermost in our minds and actions. However, there are other highly important matters that still require our attention. The greatest of all is climate change. Last year alone, the global sea rise resulting from the ice melt in the Greenland ice sheet was 2.2mm. If temperatures continue to rise as the trend shows, think how important that single fact could be to the future of the world?

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the virus that causes Covid 19 and then too swamped emotionally even to consider climate change. Individually we feel so small and powerless in the face of such global issues. However, we can all offer our heartfelt Love and compassion and bring our awareness to both of these issues. In fact, when we share unconditional Love - that is, Love without investment or attachment to the outcome - we awaken consciousness in the world, we offer help, comfort and support, and we can bring strength and open the hearts and minds of people everywhere. That opening enables the Divine to reach in and bring illumination – offering inspiration for a new and higher pathway that we can all choose. 

In this time of mental confusion, fear and chaos where the very foundation of our world order is brought into question, in this time where we might begin to flounder, the Divine can catch us as we fall and help us to redirect our energy and focus to set us on a higher pathway that can lead us to live in far greater harmony with the Earth. Bringing Love now to the entire planet is the solution to all that is out of balance, including the viral pandemic and climate change.


The Divine Action invoked through ‘Love the World’ is simply based on what Love can do as a force for good and positive change, in support of who we truly are beyond all of our investments, beliefs and limitations. After all, everyone responds to Love when it is expressed gently and consistently, without condition or expectation. 

Join me, either live or subsequently through the recording that I will post on my website, adding your energy, your spiritual power and - most of all - your Love and compassion. The more people who share their hearts and their Love through coming together as one, the greater the battery power and its effect! Let us take a global action together that is the greatest action of all. Let us do it simply, gracefully and with humility. Let us bring gentle, soft, supportive unconditional Love to Mother Earth, the blue planet, our home. Please join me in this global action to ‘Love the World’.

With all my Love, Shabdan

(Sessions are held every week on Sunday evenings at 7pm UK time (currently GMT+1 = 11pm EST).


Looking at the View

NOTE: The information given here is presented in good faith and with Love

Love the World LOGO.jpg

Love the World - 31 January 2021
- Sample -

31 January 2021
00:00 / 33:59

Stay POSITIVE - fearful feelings weaken your immune system. We will get through this and you you will be okay!


Keeping your vibration high means that you attract the positive to yourself and you may be able to avoid the Covid 19 virus. Your high vibration, a good diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, with either low or no sugar, dairy and wheat will help to build your immune system and overall health, and support you at this important time!

Covid 19 is the name given to the virus that is affecting many parts of the world in winter/spring 2020. It is a part of the Corona virus family of viruses.


17 March 2020

We are in the midst of a pandemic that appears to be set to last for many months to come. It is important to remain calm both for ourselves and in service to the world. We - the Lightforce - can help. What we think and how we feel about this pandemic contribute to the collective consciousness locally and globally. We can make a difference.

22 March 2020 - World Prayer -

Yesterday the Pope invited peoples of all religions and all creeds to join in a world prayer for the suffering, the fear and the loss.

I ran a session tonight that will be built upon next Sunday evening 29 March at 7pm to bring unconditional Love to the world and to rescue the lost spirits who have died from the virus complications.

You can still participate in this session and the world action by listening to the recording. Any repetitions that you do will add to the power of this loving action.

Please feel free to share this recording with your friends, any clients and family where you feel appropriate. Let us build this simple offering from our hearts into a great act of compassion, empathy and Love to help stabilise the world, to help lift the conscious awareness of humanity and to bring Love to all.

Personal Advice

In the past when family has been unwell and the problem has persisted - not clearing up - I have disinfected commonly touched surfaces:

Door surfaces and handles

Sinks and taps

Toilet handles 

Fridge handles, etc

As a result I have seen a rapid recovery in all family members. This virus may be different but I am sure this approach can be helpful.

Also at this time, think about leaving mail that comes through the letterbox for 24 hours before retrieving it and similarly with parcels, to let any virus traces have a chance to break apart.


Immune Support: Suggestions

You might want to take daily doses of Vitamins A, B12, C and D, Zinc and Calcium,

Vitamin A supports the immune system. 

Vitamin B12 is important for vegetarians and Vegans. Overall health support will support the immune.

Opinions vary but I work on the basis that the ideal maximum Vitamin C dosages are 3 - 6 grams (3000 - 6000mg) per day for health maintenance and when unwell with infection and viruses, up to 12 grams (12000mg) - all spread evenly through the day. 

IMPORTANT with Vitamin C:

Build up slowly over about a week from your starting dose to 6 grams, drinking plenty of water. Use your common sense and intuition about dosing.

Your body will let you know when you have reached your top dose because you will have slightly loose stools or your urine will smell sweet. If this happens, reduce it a little, and try increasing the time interval between doses to find the ideal maximum dosage for you.

Higher doses have been taken both orally and intravenously but I am not qualified to comment. Some of the information circulating about treatments offered in China may be unsubstantiated.


Vitamin D3 is also important, especially in conjunction with Vitamin C 


PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ON THESE VITAMINS, and make the choices appropriate for you.Thank you xx

Homeopathic Support:

Camphora 30c

- A Homeopathic MD has suggested this, taken early in the illness every hour to help shorten the illness and potentially  reduce the severity of symptoms.


If you have one, use the Unifying Consciousness Matrix (UCM) from Shabdan to clear issues around catchin Covid 19. Clear the fear around having it and any blockages to your immune system, all body systems including the endocrine system, lymphatic and so on.

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