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  • Complementary to Yoga

  • Body-led free movement 

  • Qi activation

  • Meridian balancing

  • Gentle meditation

  • Energising and liberating!

A 20-minute practice that supports, nurtures and frees the body.


Online Classes Start in September

  • Learn in 2-3 hours

  • Live online Q&A follow-up open to all students


Heart Dancing is a simple and accessible body-led movement system developed by Shabdan during the winter of 2006-7 on the sacred Isle of Iona.

Experience delightful body-led movement as you surrender control to your beautiful body. Our bodies often get left behind as we grow spiritually and we cannot find true spiritual balance unless we bring our physical bodies into the spiritual equation. Heart Dancing is so simple to perfect and to work with every day for 10 minutes, 20 minutes or for as long as you want as you allow it to explore itself, to stretch out, clear energy blocks that hold it and find liberation. And then something alchemical happens... the meridians can recharge, you activate the chi inside you and bring in spiritual light... and feel wonderful!


This system is made possible because of the Keys of Creation. When you dance, you move in a space held by the Keys that create an energy space that supports the movement process, transforming energy blockages in the body, freeing the movement and opening the inner Divine connections to the spiritual you, and all becomes one.

Fun and even more rewarding - the more you practice!

All About Heart Dancing

Live Q&A Session with Shabdan

  • All course attendees have access to an inclusive follow-up seminar to ask questions and explore Heart dancing more fully.

  • Cant make the date? The seminar is recorded and is posted on this page for ongoing access.

This course includes:

  • pdf Handbook

  • Instruction Video


Cost: £79 - when registration opens

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