Iona Retreat 2019

A Profoundly Personal Journey with Shabdan Taken on the Shores of the Heart Chakra of Mother Earth

A journey inwards where your nights are spent in Lord Anju's Retreat over the Isle of Iona and your days are spent in deep personal contemplation, walking on white sand by greeny-blue sea and in the company of Shabdan.

Shabdan is taking unprecedented steps on his personal journey and that in-pansion (inward expansion) can cause in you a tremendous entrainment effect for your own in-pansion. Held deeply in his loving heart, this inner movement speaks to the emptiness, the restlessness and longing to become so much more.

Although healing is always important, the most profound growth comes when you feel safe and at rest, where the entrainment of your consciousness spectrum lifts you beyond your suffering in effortless release. 

Come to Iona, land of dreams, of Spiritual freedom and consciousness growth...

uu-crychtu - Shabdan's powerful healing mat, sound and silence, meditation, movement, breathing the rhythms of Iona and salt-sea air, Lord Anju's Retreat, profound unconditional Love, stillness and consciousness entrainment... these are the tools of the Retreat.

4-Star luxury accomodation, shared food and supportive company        ...and in-pansion.

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Mailbox Address: Studio 8, Ridgeway House, Ridge Way, Dunfermline, KY11 9JN

Please use your discernment when choosing to take part in spiritual courses. Shabdan encourages everyone to grow responsibly