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Celebrating Ourselves Inspirations

By Shabdan -

2023 is a year of transition, a year where it is easier than ever before to let go of the old limiting patterns and embrace a higher, clearer vibrational level of self. It is time to let the light in, to surrender and to move forward. The Divine is within and all around each and every quantum particle of our being. We are never alone and every moment we strive to be a better version of ourselves, the Love, inspiration, encouragement and support is always there for us in each and every breath, in every heart beat and deep within our essence. Now is a moment like never before to reforge, rebuild and realign ourselves to a clearer, simpler version of ourselves. Let there be peace on Earth and in our hearts.

And on the Subject of Forgiveness...

Forgive yourself and others, even when you cannot. Let go the attitudes, your investments and judgements about yourself and others. Isn’t it time you stopped carrying the burden of self-recrimination, of opinions about others and all of those grudges? Think how liberated you will feel, how light without them? Try, let go some of the burden of the past, the weight of it, the stuckness in yourself. You are living in the past and dragging it into your present and recreating all over again!There is a beautiful world just waiting for you to see it as it is. It is time my friend. Come, be with me here and now.

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