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Here you will find a range of Angel Tools, Books, CDs, MP3s and Energy Tools specifically designed by Shabdan to help you in your spiritual journey.

Each of these items carry the sacred Keys of Creation. Many people try out one or two products and then buy lots more!


However, please use your discernment when making a purchase. not all tools are suitable for you at this stage of your journey - or even necessary. Let your heart guide you when making a purchase.

Shabdan and Shastra are always happy to talk personally and guide you towards the most suitable choice for you.


Just call us on +44 1382 581951 during business hours, or email us at


Angels...              - Your daily Angel Card and                                         some Angel Tools from                                             Shabdan

Books                  - Ascension Reiki and The

                              Crystal Keys

CDs and MP3s    - A small range of special                                           recordings made by Shabdan

                              and Shastra.

Energy Tools       - An exclusive range of tools to

                               help you in your every day life

                               and for helping you to heal                                     and grow spiritually

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Mailbox Address: Studio 8, Ridgeway House, Ridge Way, Dunfermline, KY11 9JN

Please use your discernment when choosing to take part in spiritual courses. Shabdan encourages everyone to grow responsibly