Silent Prayer Sessions with Shabdan - Online

Let Shabdan take you into Silent Prayer - Into Divine Connection

Experience healing like no other form you may have tried

Heal deeply, wordlessly, profoundly

All in gentle Silence...

Sit with Shabdan for 40 minutes in gently held silence - where ever you are on the Earth. Shabdan will hold you in his heart and open a loving pathway into the Divine. Receive exactly what you need in the present moment by simply holding an open intention to receive healing for your highest good.

If particular issues are troubling you, hold them in your awareness for part of the session.

Participants report amazing experiences of light, healing and expansion that can last from several days to almost a full week!



"So deep, I feel so light and expanded!"

"That was incredible Shabdan. l could really feel the energy stepping up and the shifts were so powerful. Thank you xxxx"

"It felt really good."

"I am still processing the energy shifts a week afterwards!"

"Its the perfect way to heal, thank you!"

Register your interest with Shabdan by texting him on +44 7786 692822 or email

Fees are £45 for up to 40 minutes of deep healing.

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Mailbox Address: Studio 8, Ridgeway House, Ridge Way, Dunfermline, KY11 9JN

Please use your discernment when choosing to take part in spiritual courses. Shabdan encourages everyone to grow responsibly