Ku-est, hava-neru-est, Kala-iista, hava-An

Welcome to the Source Light Project! This page offers you an opportunity to join a gentle community of people who are 'celebrating self', growing spiritually and contributing to building love, light and to peace on Earth.

Imagine a world - your world - where you live in harmony with yourself and everyone around you. Imagine a world where life flows softly and easily, where your vibration is growing daily and you are living at a substantially higher level in every respect. It is a world where peace, love and light, and bliss are your constant companions.


This world is the aim of the Source Light Project, with all of the knowledge, loving guidance, tools and techniques that you need to move closer to your ideal world, if this pathway resonates with you.

Step in to the Ekha'an Schools of Light and Wisdom - into the Light Chamber of 'Celebrating Self'

Learn more about the Ekha'an Schools here.

...Finding true north, taking the journey homewards

We are One together - that's it! When we are individual, we are lonely and afraid, small and incomplete.

When we come together, we remember our roots, love blossoms and peace follows. We live joyfully, sharing and giving, serving all of life on our beautiful Earth. 

The suffering on the planet does not have to continue, the fear can resolve and return to its natural state of pure unconditional love. The vibration of our consciousness can rise and as it does so, the world - including the weather and climate - will come to reflect the new order of peaceful consciousness expression on Earth.

It is simple. All we need to do is stop moving outwards and away from centre and instead, move inwards to the heart of us. When we move inwards, we discover an unending spiritual landscape filled with love, with light and with peace. When we change ourselves, growing inwards, the world follows and all of life becomes sweeter, more loving, much more peaceful and more complete.

The Source Light Project offers resources to help you to 'find true north', so to speak, an authentic route back into the centre, the heart of you, through the information, courses and tools available here.


Shabdan's journey over the last twenty-five years has been a spirit-led learning experience that has helped him to bring together seemingly disparate strands of self-discovery into the Source Light Project. Now that personal pathway is open for you to explore.

Meditate, heal, learn, expand your consciousness...

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Mailbox Address: Studio 8, Ridgeway House, Ridge Way, Dunfermline, KY11 9JN

Please use your discernment when choosing to take part in spiritual courses. Shabdan encourages everyone to grow responsibly