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The Great Experiment

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An Extraterrestrial experiment was undertaken in the 6th Sphere which involved a lot of beings - us. It took place near to the end point of the 6th Sphere and was expected to continue into the 7th Sphere. However, the experiment is still running today in the 9th Sphere.


The experiment created an alternative timeline, which has profound implications for the shape of our consciousness  Now and into the future. 


Learn about what happened, its purpose, effect and resolution by listening to the recording with Shabdan. 

The above spheres are drawn as ovals to give a sense of 3-D perspective. They are drawn as accurately as possible to demonstrate the relationship between each sphere's extension away from our true centre.


A sphere of consciousness is measured from the centre line to the line making the boundary radius of the sphere. For example, the 6th sphere is measured from the centreline to the orange line.

We are currently expressing our consciousness in the 9th sphere and this is also measured from the centre line (The green sphere). We therefore encompass within ourselves all of the preceding 8 spheres of our consciousness.

It is interesting to note the 'jump' away from centre - the greater increase in extension away from centre - after the alternative timeline was taken, for each of the subsequent spheres.

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