The Moses Light is a wonderful spiritual collective consciousness that comprises many souls who have become so aligned to the divine that they have merged their consciousness and become one. This is an equivalent grouping to The Metatron - a merged consciousness of which Archangel Metatron is a part that has become known in spiritual circles on Earth - and indeed they are each deeply connected to one another. The Moses Light can be perceived as a thick, soft creamy-white light holding great gentleness and stillness.

The key qualities of The Moses Light are deep compassion, absolute love and acceptance, strength, courage and intelligence (in the sense of information, knowledge, inspiration and insight). It is a supportive and nurturing energy whose role on Earth at this time is to facilitate the Ascension shift. 

Masters and Angels linked to the Moses Light include: the soul of which Moses, Lord Anju, Lady Portia and Joseph of Aragon are a part; Archangel Saeshan; Master Dwal Khul; Lady Kirusana; Master Niisha and a powerful devic element working with Seniisha, the devic energy that helped to manifest the Cathedral of Surumetra. Many of the sacred rays also work in conjunction with the Moses Light, as do the Golden Ones. I will post links in due course to further

information about the less well known of these masters, angels and energies to help you understand the breadth of the vibration the Moses Light represents. 

Shabdan and the Moses Light

Shabdan: "I first became aware of Moses standing close to me around two years ago whilst conducting a residential workshop. He told me at that time that he was a part of my soul consciousness but I found this a little overwhelming to take in at the time, especially as I was busy working with a group of people and seeing to their healing needs. I was concerned that my mind was perhaps getting in the way and so I decided to leave this alone and wait to see if Moses would return at a later point. He did this quite soon and I found myself feeling the beautiful loving connection between us. I felt the truth of this deep inside me but felt uncertain about talking widely about it to other people. I put the matter on the spiritual shelf, so to speak, and concentrated on other things until I was ready to take it further."

"Late in 2012, I was again approached by Moses, who came in quite strongly. The inspirations and insights he brought me left me in no doubt about the fact that Moses is a part of my soul and is also a part of my higher self. He told me that I have some aspects incarnate in my current lifetime that were incarnate in the Moses lifetime. I felt this to be true. Then Moses explained that The Moses Light was returning to Earth and that he would begin to integrate his consciousness into mine with every breath I took from that day forward. As I heal and make space inside me for higher vibrational elements of my higher-self, it is Moses that comes in."

"Moses then began to explain to me about the nature of The Moses Light. He told me that from the Earth's perspective it was called The Moses Light -  related to him as a figure familiar to us in history and who carried the key qualities of this unified consciousness state - but that in other quadrants of manifested Creation the collective has other names that can be more readily accessed by those consciousness states."

"The Moses Light comes as a wonderful light-filled divine energy that is anchored in the divine. It is a state of totally refined loving and compassionate consciousness expressed from that level. The light comes into the sacred space -  by which I mean the space between the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra - and it is possible to receive a simple attunement to enable you to carry this divine light in the world.


When Moses works though me with clients, I can really feel his powerful energy and so can the clients! Then I see him take his staff and bang it firmly on the ground on which he stands and the most incredible wave of healing energy is released that can clear the most stubborn of energy blockages. It is amazing to watch and experience, and to feel the loving light penetrating the shadow, transforming all to Love and light in its pathway."

The Moses Light and its Action Through The Ascension Window

"We come to you from the heart of the divine. We sing our light into your heart, opening its inner gateways to unconditional Love, blessing you, loving you all the more as you read this text. We Love you of course, deeply, fully and unconditionally but as your heart opens more fully to us we can access you where you live - in the outer world of your being. Here we are coming to illuminate you and to help guide you home."

"The recently opened Ascension Window enables deep communion with you. It is such an opening that is rarely seen in any world environment and will help you and spirit to merge consciousness in time if you choose to accept the gifts that it can offer. Your loving connection with us in this moment serves you, us and all Life within the Earth Sphere because your connection with The Moses Light through the Ascension Window widens the Window opening, and that opening can be sustained by divine connection - you working through the Ascension Window. The more it is accessed and used, the stronger its will become, the more stable and the more permanent it can be. You, together with the Moses Light can bring the wonder of the divine here on Earth through simple loving service and gentle action."

"Share this message if you feel it to be true, let others know and build the light in themselves and through the Ascension Window. We will come and shine the Moses Light where ever anyone will place their attention upon it."

Here you may enter the heart of The Moses Light...

As you read this text, the Masters, Angels and Devas of The Moses Light gather around you and softly hold you in their hearts. Pause and feel their presence, their light and the unconditional Love. As you read on now, this creamy soft light permeates your manifested consciousness and gently reaches out through you into the world around you.


Now the environment in which you live is bathed in The Moses Light. Chaos gives way to the entraining action of this Light, bringing a new level of connection to the divine, bringing order. Love follows so sweetly and soothingly, refreshing your conscious expression in your life.

Go inside yourself now, sink down into the heart of your being. Allow yourself to really stop now and accept this loving action of The Moses Light nurturing you and your life. Let it flow out. Let it resonate through the etheric planes of light in which you constantly manifest your life, your self expression. Here in this moment accept yourself as you are, letting go of desire and wanting and becoming... and know that you are truly home.

The Moses Light

sends the following transmissions:


April 2014

Peace follows the stillness that comes when mind stills and the heart is heard. Joy to those who may listen to their hearts - the divine pathway. Let these words guide you gently into your heart, softening your emotion and constant activity, your thinking. Love always follows peace and completes you.

There are great and powerful changes sweeping the Earth at this time with more to follow later this year. Stability of self comes through rooting yourself deeply in your heart and giving time each and every day to a moment of pause, a moment of reflection and simple meditation. Whether it be reflecting on a view of the sky, the sea or a mountain, whether it be in search of the divine in the touching of a flower with your eyes, your hands or through scent, that moment of pause is all around you and within you.


To synchronise yourself with the greather rhythms of the Earth and universe and that which is out of sight of mortal mind - the divine, is to reassure every part of you that all is well in this ever-changing world.

The Moses Light offers unconditional Love, unconditional Peace and divine connection to all who seek it. Peace to you all.

25 July 2014

Blessed ones, let your heart be light, light-filled, full of light! Breathe and receive light, be one with light, with the divine. In this simple message, The Moses Light, brings you light, hope and healing. In the end there is nothing more... Light.

Love comes to the world now as never before. It is but a breath away from you - an action of intention to accept the love that is given to you unconditionally.

There has never been such an awakening deep inside that has been so pregnant with possibilities as now, in this moment of your Earth history. Awaken, rise up inside yourself and allow the divine to show you the way. It is there for the taking: the journey to a state of unity consciousness, a journey that takes you beyond the Earth paradigms of polarised thinking, of pain and torment to a state of pure bliss. This is not a dream of a utopian world. It is NOW, HERE, in this moment right now.

Moses will help you... feel his presence, his light and his divine power. He stands in this place of unity, in service to the divine seeking only to help you right now. Moses is banging his staff on the ground beside you right now. His love, his unconditional love and healing comes to you through this gentle action. Joseph of Aragon stands with him as does Lord Anju, Keeper of the Keys of Creation. All bring their light and their healing inspirations to you now. Healing, reconciling the imbalance that you yet hold is all that you need to complete yourself. Accept this help. Pause long enough in this day to receive all that is given to you right now and let it help you see beyond yourself, your mind place and the limitations that keep you repeating the human patterns that hold you to Earth.

You are always welcome to return to this message of light and receive more light to help you. We are The Moses Light, blessed be!

6 September 2013

Source now takes this world more deeply in hand and blesses it, nurturing and supporting it more than ever before. This is a magnificent time to be alive, to experience, to know and to unfold the bottomless heart-self. The Moses Light adds its magnificence to this gentle and loving action to bring you ever closer to your enlightened self. We are excited by the changes now bringing your world into presence. How can you not be if we are! Let joy permeate your thoughts and fill your actions with a lightness and a deep sense of rightness and wellness in the world. Though you may not see it nor understand, Source is at the helm on Earth and all is truly well.

Trust yourself, your inner self - the very heart of you, for it comes now to speak as never before, guiding you, blessing you, awakening you further than you may have thought possible. There have been challenging times and you may not see them come to an end soon but the awakening is coming. Soon you will feel it, an impetus of divine light shining through you, lighting your spirit and helping you know yourself, your true self. This is coming to you very soon. It will change you and it will change the world through you. The divine intercedes most lovingly to help you. 

Bless you, blessed one - The Moses Light



5 May 2013

Stand NOW in the Light. Stand NOW in the heart of yourself and stretch inwards. The Moses Light sends to the world a wave of loving light that draws all points of consciousness inwards to the Source of all things. It is a light of deep stillness that is held in the centre of you, in the heart, in the light channel and in the third eye. Move in to your centre now and receive this light wave. Let it build stillness and a sense of completeness in the now moment, releasing you from the desires of the mind to become something else, something more out there in the world. This moment is special. It is ALL. Feel The Moses Light touching you and the divine source of you spiralling inwards, deeper into unity.


This Earth moment is rich with opportunity to stop all thinking, all being this and that - to simply be still and complete.


Take my heart, hold it in your heart

Feel me inside you as I feel you now within

Enfold your arms about me and meld me into your soul

For there I belong, me with you, you with me

Forever One, forever free


... Moses 10.01.13


Where in this world of illusion sits the heart, the mind wanders free not knowing itself but seeking. Let not the journey take away the joy of the moment, the perfect expression of being transcending time and space, for here inside time, inside yourself, you both exist in the mind and through it in the heart, in the One. There is no separation from the divine and never has been. Only the belief in that separation keeps you stranded here in the mind place and in this world of illusion, seeking. Come to know yourself, feel yourself, express yourself and live freely. Immerse yourself in presence, the presence of commitment to the moment's experience and doing. Through the echoes that ripple across the ether of your self expression, the divine responds and resonates inside you. So there in this mind world is the heart, present and free, knowing and living with mind and moment, both as one. A melding begins and surrender moves you beyond space and time to a place of completion and liberation where the divine gathers you unto itself once again.

Come sing, come dance, come find the inner rhythm of life where joy resides and peace reigns, where all you seek has already been found, nothing lost, everything held and known implicitly as it always was, is and ever shall be.


... Moses 11.01.13