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Eight Female Masters of Light

the world. I witnessed the sacred union of the divine feminine and masculine and experienced this state of being on the periphery. It was an incredible state of androgyny, a level of existence beyond duality. I include this here to remind us all about the next level of consciousness to which we might aspire.


In preparation for our ongoing journey and to help us to remember and relate to the feminine within us, I have pleasure in sharing the descriptions of the female masters who came forward to the group on Iona. Remembering how powerful and helpful it can be to work and meditate upon the masters, I encourage you to connect with these magnificent beings of light. You can feel the incredible light of these ones simply by reading this text.


Hold them one at a time in your awareness after reading their description, and breathe and relax. Sit in their ‘aura’ as you connect softly with them and meditate quietly for a period of time.




  • Lightness, Gentleness and Love

  • 8th Dimension

  • Long reddish/brown hair, brown eyes, wearing white robes. She has a diamond ring on her left hand middle finger, radiating purity of intention and purpose

  • Works on the Silver Ray with the Lords and Ladies of Love radiating unconditional Love throughout this universe, aligned to the consciousness of Havescam (spiritual consciousness), sister race to the Aheswo-mam (a part spiritual, part angelic consciousness) and the Seraphim (the highest angels)

  • Soft energy



  • Serenity, Peace

  • 7th dimension

  • Appearing very tall  and graceful, a master in her power (about twelve feet high) with long light blonde hair, warm blue/grey deep-pool eyes, wearing a white robe-like dress with billowing arms

  • Radiating soft yet bright loving light – star-beam rays of serenity – from her heart chakra in every direction, instilling peace, serenity and stillness in anyone who requests her presence. She will assist in meditation, group work, healing and spiritual unfoldment



  • Surrender

  • 8th dimension

  • Her heart chakra vibrates at the frequency of the Gold Ray, encompassing Christ Consciousness

  • Dark brown hair, brown eyes, wearing a long rose-red dress

  • A member of the ‘Lords of Karma’, powerfully assisting in the process of surrender. Working through all of the Seven Rays of Light, she is allied to Djwhal Khul, a master of the 8th dimension

  • Request her assistance for all your healing, and in releasing challenging and persistent low-level energies. Be prepared to work deeply and consistently once you have called her in. Through her unconditional Love, Ankusa will remain with you on your healing journey to help you move forward



  • Healing and Enlightenment

  • 7th Dimension

  • Black hair falling in tight waves to her shoulders, brown eyes, pale yellow dress

  • Radiating the quality of presence, unconditional Love and acceptance

  • She is supported by many sisters of the 7th dimension working for enlightenment in the Earth planes. Each radiates a singular quality of Love and presence which they have perfected. Their diversity of energy qualities permit an all-encompassing expression of enlightenment and Love


‘Lady Ankanna’

  • on the Ray of Peace

  • 10th dimension

  • Straight dark blonde hair, drawn back into a tight bun at the back of her head, with dazzling deep-blue eyes, wearing a pale green dress finely embroidered in gold, silver and brown

  • She holds an iridescent diamond energy between the high heart and heart chakra, which is a fully-evolved heart chakra radiating gold, silver, platinum and all the colours of the rainbow

  • Her soft voice is warm and tender, and she radiates a powerful mother energy that is confident and gentle, supportive and still. Lady Ankanna can be asked to hold a space in loving peace and stillness to support healing, meditation and illumination. Working with her, the spiritual student can explore the nature of peace and elevate their consciousness into the realms of peace


‘Lady Sierra’

  • Abundance of Life

  • 10th Dimension

  • Long straight blonde hair, blue/green eyes, wearing a white dress

  • Lady Sierra radiates iridescent white light in all directions, with the white light encompassing all colours, including colours not visible in the Earth planes, which appear as translucent ripples with effervescent bubbles within them denoting abundance and celebration of Life, in all directions. The bubbles are very high frequency energy points of light

  • Her energy reaches across all dimensions in this universe. She is allied with the Seraphim and draws forth harmonics of this angelic essence into the Earth planes. She encompasses the frequencies of ‘celebration of life’, ecstasy and joy, radiating them deeply into any situation, plane of consciousness or person as requested



  • Master of Transformation

  • 8th Dimension

  • Long brown wavy hair, blue eyes, wearing a long light brown and fawn dress

  • This powerful master of light facilitates exceptional levels of transformation in any person and situation appropriate to their needs on request. She acts in accordance with Divine Will and can be asked to assist in preparation for spiritual growth and transformation. Allied with the angels, she works to encourage expansion of consciousness and illumination in all situations and circumstances as requested



  • Divine Feminine

  • 8th Dimension

  • Short blonde hair, brown eyes, warm skin tone, wearing a cream dress

  • Radiating soft loving vibrations that have a gentle sound behind them, appearing as refracted rainbow colours that gently touch the heart and inspire loving self acceptance of the divine feminine principle

  • This gentle master opens the divine feminine within both sexes. She is concerned with the sacred harmony of union, of bonding and loving acceptance of the feminine principle in preparation for transformation



On a course I conducted on Iona many years ago, the heart chakra of Mother Earth, with a very special group of lightworkers, female masters of light came forward and introduced themselves. There are many wonderful artist’s impressions of the masters, most of whom appear to be male. Perhaps this is to do with the patriarchal society in which we have been living for the last several thousand years. More female masters are coming forward now as we prepare to bring a natural balance between the masculine and the feminine.

On this course I had the privilege of channelling the Magdalene energy that is spearheading the return of the divine feminine. Within the open channel I was in, I was taken up to a place within the divine feminine to meet the divine masculine, which also is returning to

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