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Shabdan's Keys of Creation

Anaritas Keys for You!

Shabdan is releasing Anaritas Keys to the world... These are the word-form of his Keys - simple phonetic phrases that direct intentions from the Divine - from Source - to make an alignment to the Divine, according to the intention held behind the Key.

These are safe, powerful, effective and ease-to-use healing tools that have been in use for 25 years.



Look through the growing directory of Keys and select the one that will help you right now.  Simply say the Key either in your head or out loud with intention and afterwards, take a deep breath. 

Don't worry if your pronunciation is slightly inaccurate, just do your best and enjoy the benefits they bring.

If you choose to write them down and share them with other people, please record them accurately - keeping the spelling and capitalisation as they are written here and say that they come from Shabdan.

Anaritas Keys of Creation:


TIP: Use the first 3 Keys together:

Psychological Reversal - Self-Sabotage:




Very useful for correcting moments of self-sabotage, blocking yourself, confusion, mixed up words, accidents, when you have injured yourself.

Excellent in healing situations.

> Use this Key everyday <




Aligns the spirit - you - to your body in preparation for grounding to Earth. 



Grounds the spirit and body to Earth.

Grounding is important. we can feel spaced out, floaty, off-balance and disorientated when doing healing work. the three Keys above are great for helping us ground properly.

Most effective at correcting over-heating or blocks to healing when working with Reiki Energies.

> Use these Keys everyday <

About the Keys of Creation


In the 1990s Shabdan was given a metaphysical Gold Master Key in a carved wooden box with a red velvet lining by spirit. This came to him after some challenging tests to ensure that he was ready to hold the Keys of Creation. At around the same time, a friend said to him one day, "you are the Keeper of the Keys!" Shabdan then found that some of his clients would say to him during a session, "I have something for you..." and they would hand over a specific Key and he would then use it on them to help them heal.


In time, Shabdan was reintroduced to Lord Anju, his higher self, who is the Keeper of the Keys of Creation, ofwhom Shabdan is an incarnate aspect. 

The Keys come in three forms: Anaritas Light Language Keys such as the examples given below, Symbols and as Metaphysical Keys that Shabdan can invoke for healing work with himself and with others. The Keys seem to be very effective and pure. They come directly from the divine with no intermediary connections and carry out specific alignments to the divine according to their intention. There are many, many Keys for all sorts of applications.

You can learn more about the Keys of Creation by talking to Shabdan, attending his online courses or buying some of his special tools that incorporate the Keys of Creation.

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