Shabdan's Healing Circle

Shabdan's brand newI Healing Circle offers growing list of mini-workshops that you can attend. Some are offered for free and some are paid. More to follow soon.

General Healing & Chakra Clearing Mini-Workshop

This track is free to use. Remember to breathe deeply and let go throughout the session

Healing - chakras 23.11.21
00:00 / 47:37

Multi-Level Healing Mini - Workshop

30 November 2021


This workshop is available after a payment of £20 and is yours to download and keep. Please make a payment to the usual account and then send a private Whatsapp message to Shabdan. He will then send you a link for the workshop page to play and download the recording.


We are going to install a payement system on the website soon to make this process much simpler in due course.