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The Crystal Keys - a book by Shabdan

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The Crystal Keys is a book for crystals and for you. Offering some of Shabdan's unique Keys in the form of Anaritas light language, you can clear the crystals of all programmes and any discordant vibrations they may have taken on. You can then use further Keys to enable them to express their true nature and to share their hearts with you and go on to clear the crystalline structure in your body. The book concludes with a simple technique alongside some simple Keys, to help you to carry out Earth healing work as you choose.

This book is about helping crystals, helping you and helping the Earth.

Whether you simply love crystals for themselves or are interested in helping them radiate their unique and special qualities more fully into the world, The Crystal Keys is for you. Shabdan works with powerful light keys that can offer quick and effective ways to cleanse, nurture and connect with your crystals and the devic energies supporting them. The book offers techniques for linking with the guardians of your crystals, programming crystals, working with them for Earth healing and self-healing, and aligning your own body crystalline structure to the light. It also describes how to make divine connection with the Earth. Illustrated with photographs of beautiful working crystals which themselves radiate positive energy,


The Crystal Keys offers the chance for a new kind of adventure in the world of crystals

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