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Spiritual Information


This Page offers spiritual information and simple spiritual actions you can take to help yourself.

Technique for Opening the Sacred Barrier and Clearing Emotion

Many people are suffering from a blocked sacred space - the link between the lower and upper chakras. Experiencing ourselves as human beings we live mostly in the lower chakras from base to solar plexus. As we awaken spiritually we begin to live more in the higher chakras, opening them more fully. During this process we must release discordant energy patterns, baggage and emotion from the lower chakras and this is where a problem can occur. Often the step that you must take in moving your energy from the solar plexus to the heart chakra in order to clear emotion can become blocked.

Many appear to have forgotten how to make this step and this can lead to bloating and a sense of pressure in the abdomen that cannot be relieved by other treatment.

Instructions for Opening the Sacred Barrier and Clearing Emotion:

As you read the following, I am connecting with you and using my Keys of Creation to bring you information on how to open the sacred space to allow emotion to clear from the lower chakras upwards through the light channel to be released. This information is for understanding only - the energy pathway will be opened directly by the Keys of Creation.

As we awaken spiritually, we begin to access the upper chakras more fully and to clear emotion from the lower chakras. In the light channel between the solar plexus and the heart chakra there is a natural barrier that helps to keep us in our lower chakras to experience ourselves as human beings. To move our energy successfully up the chakra light channel, it must pass around this barrier in the sacred space.


  • When the energy or emotion arrives at the solar plexus, it must make a 45 degree turn towards the spine.

  • As it reaches the spine and kundalini channels there, it must make a 90 degree turn back towards the heart chakra.

  • When the energy reaches the heart chakra it must now make a 45 degree turn upwards to continue moving through the upper chakras.


      (This is 180 degrees in all - making a straight line.)


This information has now been permanently placed within you through the Keys of Creation. It is likely that you will now be experiencing a release in your abdomen and possibly sensing an energy movement within your body.


IF YOU FEEL HOT, it is likely that you have become ungrounded by this action and need to ground now. You can do this easily by saying these light language phrases out loud. (They are an expression of the Keys of Creation.) Take a breath after each recital:


  • Say secu-ambido-nos ("secu-ambeedoh-noss") to release any self sabotage.

  • Say secu-narimbido ("secu-narimbeedoh") to get you back into your body.

  • Finally, say Garusan ("ga-roo-san") to ground you to Earth.

Now gently tap the "sacred space" - half way between the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra (above the sternum bone) gently for fifteen seconds or so to facilitate the clearing of the energy and emotional build up in the lower chakras and allow it to pass though the heart chakra.

It is helpful to avoid an overload of emotion building up in the lower chakras and effectively blocking the light channel by tapping the sacred space regularly about 12 times, say several times a week. The frequency depends on your healing and emotional state.


When you carry out Reiki healing or any other form of healing, I suggest you take a few moments to tap the sacred space to make sure that the lower chakras fully release the emotion upwards for transformation into light and Love.

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Sacred Ray Invocation


Here are two Sacred Ray invocations that you may find helpful to support you at this time:

  1. A powerful invocation to repair and unify the your being:

    "I invoke the Sacred Rays of quantum and molecular integrity, consciousness unification and unconditional Love to resonate throughout my being now. And So It Is."

  • It is helpful to breathe and let go after making this invocation.


      If you are feeling inexplicably tired, unable to focus or lethargic, it is possible that you are suffering the effects of scientific quantum experiments taking place in the         

      world. You  may find relief and be able to renew your energy if you invoke the Sacred     

      Rays as follows:

    "I invoke the Sacred Rays of Gravity, Magnetic Cohesion, Quantum Particle Cohesion     

     AND Quantum Stabilisation to resonate throughout my being now, under the Law of

     Grace, And So It Is."

  • It is helpful to breathe and let go after making this invocation.

Our Beautiful Earth Is

No Longer Accepting Emotion

Or Karmic Debris From Us

We must ask the Angels to transmute

our unhealed emotion and karmic debris

Earth - Shabdan Image.gif

Please listen to your heart and feel the truth of this information when you read it, thank you!


Since the mid noughties, our Mother Earth has not been accepting our unhealed emotion or our karma - our debris. She told Shabdan that in order for her to evolve, she needs to get lighter overall. Up until this moment she had lovingly - in service to humanity - taken the excess emotion and unhealed karma that we off-loaded into her, either deliberately or unintentionally. If she continued to take our energies, she would be increasing her 'ballast' instead of being able to transmute all that she has taken from us since humans came to the planet.


An important side effect of this Decree by Mother Earth is that because she sends the unhealed issues, emotion or karmic debris back to the sender who tried to release to Her, the sender can unintentionally pass this energy to people and to the space around them. 

The usual off-load goes to friends and family to whom the sender is close. if a stranger is passing at the moment of off-load and is vulnerable to that particular energy, they may find they have taken the energy into their space. Another possibility is that the sender will 'give-out' the energy to their local environment, a room or an area. It is possible in a traumatic off-load, the sender can send the energy to all possibilities.

As a receiver of this off-loaded energy, the receiver may suddenly find themselves feeling tired, irritable, afraid, overwhelmed, upset, and so on, without understanding why. This can lead to them trying to repeat the process of off-load, causing the energy to bounce around for a while. 


We are all experiencing a certain level of off-loaded energies that we will have taken from others. This accumulation can feel challenging. The answer is to ask the Angels for their help from time to time and at any moment when you suspect that you have been on the receiving end of off-loaded energies from a person, from people or from a space.


Take the following action:


Focus inwards to the centre of you and put your attention on your heart chakra. Now say the following:

"I ask the Angels under Grace, to transmute all unhealed emotion and karmic debris that I have taken from my environment or from other people, thank you Angels, And So It Is."

Now take a deep breath and really let go. Take another deep breath and release further if you feel that you need to. Some people feel a shudder as they release, others squirm about on their seat and others may even feel nothing through the releasing process! The most likely outcome is that you will feel a bit lighter inside, feeling a sense of relief and easier or happier. 

The Angels are more than happy to help you as often as you request them to do so. Taking this action is about taking responsibility for yourself and in addition, you will be acting in service for the world - having released layers of energy that makes both you and our Mother Earth lighter!


When you are upset, off-balance, angry and so on, if you are clearing your karma and releasing the debris of your past, when you find yourself releasing, do the following action as a matter of course.


Focus inwards to the centre of you and put your attention on your heart chakra. Now say the following:

"I ask the Angels under Grace, to transmute all unhealed emotion and karmic debris that I am releasing now, thank you Angels, And So It Is."

As with Clearing Action 1, breathe deeply and make sure you release everything fully to the Angels.




                                    With Love And In Service To Our Mother Earth...


Although it is important to give all unhealed energies to the Angels every time you are releasing, it can be a burden to make the statement in Clearing Action 2. A simple solution is to set up a permanent, life-long agreement with the Angels to always transmute your unhealed emotion and karmic debris that you are releasing either consciously or unconsciously into your environment. When choosing to release energy, always carry the intention to give it to the Angels, but after making the following arrangement, you will bo longer have to say the words in Clearing Action 2.


Focus inwards to the centre of you and put your attention on your heart chakra. You are about to make a sacred arrangement in your life. Only do this when you are in balance and comfortable and when you can hold a feeling of love for the Angels. When you are ready, say the following:

"I ask the Angels under Grace, to always transmute into light and love, all emotion, karma and debris that I release either consciously or unconsciously into my environment, when i am doing self-healing or when i am upset. I ask you to always do this for me for the full duration of this lifetime. Thank you Angels. And So It Is."

Breathe deeply and let go, accepting the arrangement gratefully with grace.



It has been the convention to 'brush off' the aura after completing healing and send this energy to our Mother Earth. Since she is no longer accepting these forms of energy, Anything that you remove from the person receiving healing will remain in the space. It could be reabsorbed by the receiver of healing, by you or by anyone entering the space afterwards!

Instead, please direct the excess energies to Angels. Simply hold the palms of your hands out to the side and ask the Angels to transmute these energies that you have brushed away from the receiver of healing. Take a moment and feel the energy being taken from you before moving your hands away.


Remember to thank the Angels afterwards!


If you have been taught the practice of having to force the released energy either from yourself or through an act of ceremony of any form into our Mother Earth, please understand that you are hurting our Mother and appreciate that she asks you not to do this any longer.

Please take one of the above listed actions instead, thank you - Shabdan

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