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Introductory Talk about the Ekha'an Schools of Light and Wisdom, explaining how I learnt about the Schools and how they can help you to grow spiritually.

A 45 minute talk:

The 12-month training course mentioned in the recording is not available but you can attend a three-month course here.

An Introduction to the Schools

The Ekha'an Schools (pronounced Ekhaan) Schools of Light and Wisdom were created by Lord Anju - Shabdan's Higher Self. The Schools emanate from 'Supra-consciousness' - a step away from the Unmanifested Divine level. There are outreach schools, including one in the Orion star system that people from Earth most commonly attend when going on training.


The Schools offer spiritual and esoteric in-depth training that can be a one-off attendance or for an ongoing 'class' that can last for a period of months or even years. Students attend most commonly during their sleeping hours when training has been arranged. Shabdan can facilitate this process for specific and general training courses. In a sense, you are taken out of your body for a very short period of time and taken to the schools for a training that lasts much longer than the physical Earth-time that you are away.

It is also possible to go on training 'in an instant' when arranged by Shabdan in a workshop or a healing session. In this case, Shabdan often asks the Lords of Time to gently adjust time for the student - giving a 'parcel of time' to the student that enables them to be able to process the information and go through a shift in their consciousness in response to the training. The period of time can vary depending upon the training given from a few hours to a number of lifetimes duration if the training is involved and the student needs to process a significant life-changing shift.

The Ekha'an Schools are remarkable and a real revolution in healing and consciousness development that has been made available to us during this lifetime. Shabdan first attended the Schools in the late nineteen nineties and as a result expanded his consciousness rapidly. The initial knowledge and experience he gained, led to the development of the 'Towards Mastership' training course - an in-depth system of information, tools and techniques that greatly extend ability to facilitate self-healing and healing work with others. Shabdan attributes a significant portion of his extensive spiritual knowledge-base and capability today to the assistance given through his training programme with the Schools over the last 30 years.

This opportunity is open to you now.

The Schools...

Visiting the Ekha'an Schools you will find great libraries, grand halls, ancient classrooms and sacred sanctuaries. There are beautiful gardens, light chambers, meditation crypts, student study areas and many different forms of energy spaces across multiple dimensions, and planes of consciousness.


Populating the many different Schools - all under the umbrella of the Ekha'an Schools -  are wonderful beings who guide and share spiritual knowledge. Amongst them are Spiritual Masters, Angels, Devas and others who are learned, evolved ones who gladly share their wisdom, love and compassion.

Lord Anju teaches at the Schools directly and through a number of his aspects, including Imhotep and a part of Shabdan -


who is also a student at another level!

Most people are unaware that they have gone to the Schools during their sleeping hours but experience gentle shifts that can unearth and clear deep blockages, bring profound healing, lay to rest emotional traumas or experience substantial consciousness expansion.

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