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Amazing  spiritual training  and healing while you sleep!

Train 5 nights out of 7 for 12 weeks for £69

Ekha'an Schools of Light and Wisdom

Introductory 3-month

Night-Training Online Course

The Ekha'an Schools are an incredible metaphysical training school serving multiple universes. You can take night-time training with them. While you are asleep, you can work to resolve deep-set issues, expand your consciousness and find a better level of peace inside.

It takes time, for the healing needs to go deep within you to unearth long-held limiting patterns, emotion, discord and self-sabotage. It has to address intransigence and the fear of change. We are mortal and fallible after all, seeking self-mastery through faltering first steps. This course is subtle, yet powerful, helping you to take genuine first steps to unravelling the complexities we have all built within ourselves.


Infinite possibilities await us right now...


Month One

Month Two

Month Three

Includes introductory training to the
Ekha'an Schools.
Learning to let go by releasing resistance.
Surrender and allowing.
Spiritual Development.

Includes learning forgiveness and acceptance.
Deepening awareness.
Surrendering issues
and emotion, and layers of self-sabotage.

Includes clearing density and illusion.
Letting go layers of emotion, 
attachment and investment.

Opening to unconditional love.

About Training in the Ekha'an Schools

  • Monthly class with Shabdan

  • 12 weeks of night time training while you sleep

  • A pre-recorded session with Shabdan every month will help you to process and heal as you attend the night training. Although the bulk of the healing work is done during the night in the Schools, it can be helpful to receive healing to support yo as you go through the course.

  • The training takes place in the Ekha'an Schools when you sleep. Most people have no memory of the training but can wake in the morning feeling a little tired from all the work they have been doing in the night. You go on average for five nights out of seven for a  period of twelve weeks.

The training is conducted by light masters - teachers in the Schools and you are appointed a personal guardian for the duration of the course who will remain with you 24/7 to help you metabolise the energy shifts and adjustments. most of the releasing and processing happens in the Schools, but if you need to face important issues that need your conscious awareness and understanding, then you may attract certain opportunities to you during the day that can help you to face and reconcile them. 

Gradually, you will begin to feel different inside. Friends and family may start to notice that you are changing somehow and although the shifts can be quite subtle, their effect will start to play out in your life in a positive way over time.


Consciousness development is a process that takes time and commitment. Working with this high-vibration esoteric school of light and wisdom through the course, builds a solid foundation and opens the pathway to greater steps in spiritual development with Shabdan, 

About Shabdan and the Ekha'an Schools

Shabdan began attending the Ekha'an Schools in the mid 1990s and very quickly remembered who he is in the spiritual planes related to Earth. Over the years the training has help Shabdan to rebuild his knowledge, teaching skills and healing capability.

The Ekha'an Schools exist across many universes, dimensions and planes of light, catering to untold millions of beings.


The School was initiated by Lord Anju who is Shabdan's Higher-self. Many illustrious beings of light teach and work through the Schools to bring illumination and healing to many incarnate in the spheres of light or planets throughout the many universes.


Want to join the course? Simply send an email to Shabdan noting your interest and he will organise your payment and attendance.

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