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Shabdan is an aspect of the Keeper of the Keys of Creation. They are held by his Higher-self, Lord Anju and his twin flame, Lady Anui.

The Keys are extremely effective and powerful in helping you to heal and clear, and to expand your consciousness in many ways.

The Keys are presented in Anaritas Light Language form, symbol form and metaphysical Keys that Shabdan can use directly from Lord Anju.

Shabdan believes that it is critically important to work continuously at self-healing no matter what level of consciousness you attain.


"The minute you sit back and give out from yourself without giving back to yourself is the very moment that your divine connection wavers and what you bring to the world may not be as pure as you think!"

Shabdan offers.

A seeker of truth from the very first moment he began to re-awaken, he continues to climb the spiritual mountain, never pausing for long at any level. He is willing to surrender beliefs and consciousness paradigms, subsuming them into a higher truth the very moment it is revealed. In this way he hopes to offer the highest possible level of consciousness purity to the world through his work.

"The completeness of being here, right now with no desire to be elsewhere in body, mind or spirit is exquisite... In such a state, many inner doors open softly to that which has always been within me.

This is my journey that has no movement, filled only with self-realisation."

Shabdan, Spring 2018

Spiritual Work

Awakening in 1993, Shabdan quickly began to remember parts of who he is. Receiving healing from the Ekha'an Schools of Light and Wisdom - a metaphysical School set up by his Higher-self, Lord Anju - reconnected certain levels of knowledge. In 1997, he received attunements for Reiki levels I, II and III Master level in a period of around four months. This extreme path was necessary to help him prepare for Ascension Reiki shared with him by Joseph of Aragon during 1997, beginning at Easter that year. Shabdan then went through a massive healing and growth process over the following year, helping him to open his consciousness quite substantially.

In 2000, Shabdan met Shastra and promptly contributed to the Antu-Grid being erected around the Earth. After appearing on the stage at World Angel Day to nearly 1000 people in London in 2001, even though he was not on the programme ("because Spirit engineered it!"), his Spiritual healing practice was born. Workshops and health fairs soon followed right across the UK. Shabdan and Shastra also worked in the north of Italy doing workshops and sessions for a number of years and Shabdan has worked in Oslo in Norway doing similar work.

In 2007, Shabdan and Shastra assisted Lord Anju in establishing Lord Anju's healing retreat over Iona.

Earth healing work has been a part-time speciality of Shabdan, in the UK, in Italy, the south of France and in Norway and Sweden, building the Cathedral of Surumetra in 2011 over the two countries. He has travelled as far away as Antigua to carry out some specific Earth correction work. Shabdan has helped the I Am Consciousness Stream reconnect into the world when he worked with nearly 1,000,000 people online in 2009 to reconnect the I Am Consciousness Stream (River of Light) to the world.

Take a road less travelled and let your imagination open you up to infinite possibilities!

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