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Powerful, effective, simple meditation

Shabdan has developed a remarkable and easy-to-use meditation system that is equally suited to beginners and to more advanced meditators.

Meditation is a simple process of inner connection that is practised by many people around the world. People who meditate regularly, have been scientifically shown to benefit from improved health, mental clarity and greater longevity.


Alongside these proven benefits, meditation will help to quieten the mind and bring a greater serenity and calmness that will positively affect and enrich every aspect of your life.

We all know we should meditate... I've caught myself saying it! Its hard isn't it? The mind wanders off, you're itchy, you want a cup of tea... oh there is that spare room to tidy... Yes, Its a real challenge to master this mystical art. However, The benefits are remarkable, even after one or two simple and short meditation experiences with Conscious Heart Meditation

It amazing how the Energy builds so quickly and you find your mind quietens enough for you to feel something happening pretty quickly. Afterwards, things are different. You feel better, more whole, more serene and able to focus. Life begins to flow more easily and the calmness inside builds - the more you meditate. With this simple system you find that you actually want to meditate again, yes, and again.

Love, Shabdan xx

The system comprises a handbook and a meditation tool, and simple phrases to repeat. Before long, you are raising your vibration and focus to a higher, gentle state that feels clear - like sitting on a mountain top. Soon, the mind chatter is softening, the body is relaxing and you are in a place where you can meditate expansively.

Shabdan's 'Conscious Heart Meditation System' 

Taught online in three - 2 hour sessions

Includes a PDF online handbook

  • The  Conscious Heart Meditation System is based upon Shabdan's word forms of the Keys of Creation, called Anaritas. These are short phonetic phrases that you repeat.


  • Simple phonetic phrases rapidly build a meditation space inside you, drawing you closer and closer to True Centre - the very heart of you.

  • The system is simple to use and effective at helping you to open yourself up to a gentle meditation space within. Simple yet deceptively powerful  and deep, with practice you can find yourself reaching increasingly deeper levels of meditation effortlessly.

  • The system points you towards the Divine, building a deeper alignment to the Source of all life.

  • Opens the Subconscious Bridge to access the richness of the Unity Field.

  • Draws you towards 'True Centre'.

Such a Life-Changing

Bright Horizon Awaits...

The Conscious Heart Meditation System brings a bright new horizon into your life!

"We are poised, upon the cusp of a major new horizon that is now within our grasp for a brighter, happier world no longer based upon a fear paradigm, but upon Love.


The Conscious Heart Meditation System opens a door to that beautiful new world."



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