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Free-to-use Keys, tools and healing techniques

This page offers you tools and techniques that you can use to help bring in more light and to release blockages to light consciousness.

Light Attunement Key 1

Shabdan will soon offer you the opportunity to take simple light attunements here to help you to raise your vibration. Light attunements include Reiki attunements, where pathways inside you are opened to higher vibrational levels of consciousness that enable you to channel light and to grow to encompass this consciousness vibrational level.

Here is one simple attunement for you right now. Say this simple Anaritas Key out loud slowly...

             "Kiirii-Salu-etta-An"   (Pronounced Keeree-Saloo-etta-An)

    Take a deep breath and let go.


Like climbing a ladder where you say the phrase and find yourself ascending one vibrational rung, you can keep climbing up.


Pause to allow the shift to be fully realised inside you before saying the phrase again. Also, take care NOT to say this Key too many times at one time to avoid bringing on a healing crisis and  drink plain water afterwards to help your body to wash through the toxins that may be released as a result of the consciousness shift that you are going through.


This stepping up on the ladder brings about a permanent inner movement that takes you a little closer to the divine every time that you say it!

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