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A Letter of Reflection

Deadline for submission: 17 May at 5pm

"A Letter of Reflection"

​As we draw towards the end of our 12-month Book of Kindness course, the time has come to evaluate how you have grown and changed in this time and to appreciate the results of your work with and on yourself. Starting the course and continuing it alongside daily life, and both the ordinary and extraordinary challenges that I know many of you have faced, was an act of courage and I have seen in each one of you an appreciable growth and progress that I especially value because I know it took great determination and commitment to achieve.

The reflection process involves seeking inwards deeply to examine what you have experienced, what you have learned, how you have changed, and to evaluate the differences in how you now inhabit your life. It is the final part of the course and the task is set with the aim of helping you to encompass and consolidate the input you have drawn from the Book of Kindness Course and to appreciate yourself and your tremendous capacity to grow and evolve.

We have taken a deep spiritual journey together for the past year, going through many consciousness shifts, learning about new concepts and undertaking significant spiritual clearing and spiritual development as we sought to raise our vibration.

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This is a chance to reflect deeply now, to bring out and review the value of the course and to observe how you now embody the many changes we have gone through. Sometimes it is hard to see the change in oneself day to day because we are simply living our vibration as it is now. That is good, but it can be useful to look at the before and after, and go into the self and see and feel the shifts you have made in order to know the self more deeply and more completely.

Regular spiritual practice, increasing commitment and consciousness elevation are wonderful, but without deep personal reflection, they are mere techniques and do not of themselves kindle the spirit into life.

Go to the original Book of Kindness course description given at the end of this letter to remind you why you signed up in the first place. This describes my original vision of the outcomes of the course, unfettered by life challenges or resistance from ourselves or the common consciousness, all of which we faced, so it is important not to judge yourself in any way and to know that I know that each one of you achieved what you needed to during the course. To start your reflection process, ask ask yourself, for example: 

How has this course changed me? 

What am I learning - not about technique and process, but in myself?

How has the consciousness expansion altered my life experience? 

How has it changed my interactions in the world?

Have I become a deeper person, more compassionate and aware?

What is life to me now?

Who am I now?

You may have other self-questions and wider observations, so please do not just answer each of these questions in turn in your letter. They are for inspiration and guidance only, along with the original course description below. Instead, please write a heartfelt letter from you to yourself and me about your deepest process, joy and the evolving experience of yourself.

​In summary, I would like you to write a Letter of Reflection about the course, to yourself but with a view to sharing it with me. It should be approximately 1500 words, plus or minus 100 words and the hard deadline for me to receive it is Monday 17 May at 5pm. Please send it as an email, putting your letter in the body of the email, to avoid formatting problems. Email it to  with the title "Letter of Reflection"

Book of Kindness Course Description


​​Imagine yourself a year from now... you are looking back and comparing who you were at the start of this course to who you are now... EVERYTHING has changed!

You are much more present. Your vibration has increased beyond belief, you are lighter, softer, much more loving and compassionate. Your Mer-Ka-Ba is carrying many new attunements that you are using every day to help raise your vibration. This enables you to astral travel lightly into realms of light. You are soaring much closer to the fifth dimension now - you can feel it and although you know you have more work to do, you now embrace it willingly. Discordance, debris and emotion clear much more easily for you.

​You are lighter of heart and life flows more softly and easily. No matter what is happening around you, you feel calmer and more together. Joy has been kindled in your heart and always 'steadies the ship' in any storm.

You know that your light is serving the world meaningfully and you know that you are becoming a vessel through which unconditional love can flow.

​There is more to do but you are firmly on your way, guided deeply by the Divine and you know that all things are possible now, including ending the recycling of your soul in this world if you choose to.

​...All of this is truly possible for you!”


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