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Divine Portal

Easy to use...

  1. Place your attention upon what is troubling you now

  2. Place a finger of your leading hand inside the circle or simply mouse over the circle -With Intention. Breathe and let go deeply

  3. Keep your finger or the computer mouse inside the Circle with your intention connected to the healing process. Stay involved and remain quiet for as long as you like. The healing energies will build over time, so stay with it for a while and keep letting go.

  4. Pay attention for any insights/understanding that arises during the healing so that you can let go more deeply. Use the insights to help you repeat the process with your attention now focusing on the insight


Ground before and ground thoroughly after working with these exquisite Light Portals!


The Elohim

The Elohim are here to offer you healing through their Light Chambers Now...

At the end, give thanks to the Elohim for your healing.



Djwal Khul

This wise master of the 8th Dimension is here to bring you healing and insight into that which is holding you right now...

At the end, give thanks to Djwal Khul for your healing.

Meditation by the Sea


Archangel Metatron

Be in the Light of the Angels and with Archangel Metatron now. Let this one's presence and exquisite Love resolve that which is troubling you...

At the end. give thanks to the Angels for your healing.

Forest Trees
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