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Liberation Clearing Sessions
the missing link in healing


Join Shabdan for this exciting new healing and clearing work. We are working with the Elohim from Supra Consciousness through Shabdan and using a brand new medium called Liberation Clearing. This simple, extremely powerful work will clear deeply into tens of thousands of conscious programmes. We create these forms when we express negative emotions. They accumulate and act similarly to subconscious programming or entities influencing clear thinking and decisions, which really limits your spiritual development. If you've ever wondered why after many years of healing, you are still carrying many limiting mind patterns, attitudes and perspectives and never seem to make any real progress, it is quite likely that conscious programmes are at the root of it. The process Shabdan will take during this session will clear deeply into these consciousness programmes, leaving you feeling lighter and clearer. 

One session will make a significant difference but it is in repetition that real progress will be felt . Liberation Clearing is THE missing element to healing on the spiritual path!

Check with Shabdan for current session dates - held at 19.30 hours BST-GMT+1 for 60 minutes

Session Fees £21

Contact Shabdan if you would like to book one or more session dates  -  WhatsApp +44(0)7786692822

PLEASE NOTE: These classes are LIVE only. No recording will be available for the sessions. The work is too powerful for unregulated use.

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