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Listening to ourselves is very important - actually pausing throughout the day and listening inwards to the heart of us. The heart knows exactly what you need in every moment and has all of the answers to everything that troubles you.

One way of boosting this inner connection and opening the heart more deeply to the knowing that guides you is 'Hearing Myself' - words that you can read over and over, allowing the specially imprinted energies behind it and the meaning of the passages to bridge the gap between the outer and inner you.

Visit this page from time to time - when you feel drawn to do so and read through the passages, perhaps repeating them, reading slowing and breathing and absorbing their content. Pause afterwards and go inwards and let this alchemical process strengthen you, lift you up and reset your consciousness.


Talking Resolution

I Am an iridescent being of light, joyful, contented, at peace.

I serve the highest light inside me. I unite with the Divine, One, Centre.

I am stillness, peace and love, blessing all that I am and all that is in my life.

I find harmony and balance in conflict. Where there is unrest inside, I always resolve it quickly and easily. I am capable, calm, uncomplaining, accepting of what is, knowing that each and every moment unfolds perfectly and is my guide. I accept what is shown to me, cooperating deeply with the neeter of the moment, allowing, being, centred.

There is no resistance inside me that can obstruct my self-realisation. There is no obstacle that I cannot resolve. I am strong, powerful and capable, and I know that, through stillness, inspiration always comes to me to help me when I feel challenged. To every problem there is a perfect solution and it always reveals itself to me. I allow it. I am the solution. It is within me, here, now, in this moment and in every moment.

I am growing, evolving, becoming much more every day, in every moment. I take pleasure in the passage of life, in the experiences brought to me on Angel wings, knowing that they always serve me. I have infinite strength, courage and capability. These qualities carry me through any challenge. I know that when I feel almost overwhelmed, a breakthrough is just over the horizon, already dawning, like the sun on a new day. I am filled with hope and I embrace what I cannot yet understand, knowing that it makes me greater, more, drawing me closer to One.

I always find my way. Always. I will always find my way. Always. Nothing is greater than the power of the Divine. I trust this, I accept this, I align to this, I am this, through this knowing I will master myself, now – always now.

…The Angels

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