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New Courses for 2022

After a long break, I am delighted to be able to offer you a selection of new courses for you to participate in. At the moment these are specifically for those who have done Book of Kindness. Choose any of the courses set out below and send me a WhatsApp message to book in!

Beginning Monday 20 June
Coffee and Lemon Cake

The Lunchtime Breakfast Club

  • Healing, BOK I Revision, Meditation mini-session

  • 45 minutes, starting 1.30pm

  • £10 for two sessions in one week, book by Sunday

  • Runs Mondays and Thursdays

  • Recordings available for the week*

       *Recordings available Monday to Thursday and then Thursday            to Monday for catching up and revisits

Beginning July

Master Class

  • Join Shabdan for a Master Class in healing, developing your spiritual practice and problem-solving skills for your issues, resistance and more

  • Learn from the issues of others, share your concerns and talk about what is holding you back

  • £33 per class, maximum 4 attendees

  • One-hour session online

  • Book one or more sessions per month

Cups of Coffee
Beginning July

Book of Kindness II

  • It's time to take it home... now we take you home into your heart. Here the journey deepens as we open the Love, the Light, the Peace and the Joy of being YOU!

  • Yes there are some tools, techniques and Keys, but most of all there is the inner movement, the true journey inwards, deeper into Centre, closer to Home

  • Pre-recorded sessions, live Q&A, group chat via phone/computer and the secure Signal App

  • 12-month course, 2 sessions per month for £80 per month. A course resources page will be available

  • Members are encouraged to support each other through the 12 months on Signal

  • Begin the course when you want. Details available

Sign up for a course!

Conscious Heart Meditation (CHM)

  • Learn CHM for a simple, accessible, deep, life-changing meditation practice created by Shabdan

  • 1 matrix, 4 Keys, 1 mantra to repeat at will

  • Meditation can change your life, CHM is for the spiritual journey!

  • 2 sessions, 1 pdf handbook, 1 laminated A4 matrix

  • Special price £130

  • Essential prior requirement for BOK II

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