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Q&A - 24/7 Circle

Q&A - 24/7 Circle offers you insights to important and challenging questions. Supported by Spirit, the answers are much more than written anwers on a page. They are imprinted with Spiritual Light and with your guides' overlighting support and inspirations. 

Centre yourself and bring your heart to this process and allow the insights and healing to come to you.


Q&A - 24/7 Circle

       I'm blocked, I can't do this healing?

A          You are a Divine Being, everything that you need is inside you right now. There is  no limit to your healing capabilities. Let us help you to realise this right now!

Q          Will I ever get there? Is there going to be an end to this healing journey?

A           You are there right now... there is nowhere to go but be here, now, in this moment. Your unrest - that which causes the suffering - is in the illusion of the past and future that does not exist. 

Let go of wanting, needing striving and let yourself be here now, contented in this moment. You can do it. It may take a little practice, but every step that you take will bring a little more peace and quiet acceptance of Now, of ONE, of unity.

Q           I work hard to clear, I choose not to allow my unhealed selves to dominate my experience and yet I cannot seem to stop this interference or prevent my unhealed selves attacking me. Why is this?

A            Yes you do work well. You achieve much in your healing work and every step brings a little more peace and stability to you. When you find that you are being overwhelmed, take a moment, a breath and accept that this is how it is for you right now. Do not fight it or wish your situation were different than it is. Such a desire creates an opposite to the energies you say are attacking you and then you are in duality, the world of opposites. Resolution comes when you no longer stand in opposition - when you are in a state of unity. Then there is nothing for the unhealed you to hold. Now you can clear it.

Stand in unity. Accept what is right now with absolutely no desire or need for your experience to be different. Let everything go now. Take a breath and let go. Be at peace even in your suffering. Quietly now, Love what is and be still. 

In this place you detach and healing is completely possible.

Q             Consistency is a BIG problem for me - I just can't make myself do the work.

A              Yes, consistency is a problem for everyone on Earth, until you cross the Rubicon - that moment when the healing balance shifts and you find yourself more conscious of yourself than not. In that place there is a willingness to observe. 

Unworthiness is often the issue that creates the pattern of 'can't'. The best thing is to face this head on. Anything that you avoid takes root and grows inside you to become the dominant force directing your energy. Think about this for a moment. Do you want to allow unworthiness - or anything else - to become the dominant voice inside you? If it is already, then take action NOW, don't wait! Heal the issue as you can, layer by layer. 

This of course comes back to the issue of consistency. Each one of us will find the desire to grow when we are ready. You already found that desire the very first moment that you opened spiritually, at the beginning of your journey. That first step embodied a willingness to change - to take a risk to look over the precipice and gaze at new possibilities. The hardest part has already been achieved! The step you must take now may seem hard but you will surely agree that it is possible? You know in your heart that one day these issues and emotions that trouble you now will be a thing of the past. That means that you will  - at some point - address them. 

That moment comes when you are willing to put enough focus and attention on the problem and decide to resolve it, just like you did when you took your first spiritual step in this lifetime... You can do it all, every step, every issue, every emotion, every part of you. You can and you will do it... just turn to it now and have a go at being consistent, at doing the work, Somewhere deep inside you will find the foundation of Divinity upon which you can stand strong and resolute. Simply go there now. Take a breath and begin.

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