Spiritual Education

2017 Towards Mastership

2018 Ascension Reiki

Shabdan is building a Spiritual Education Programme based on his Keys of Creation and esoteric knowledge he has gained from Spirit since 1993. You can access this information directly through the Online Courses and through Shabdan's Accredited Teachers.

Growing inside and becoming a better person in every way - expanding consciousness - is so important for spiritual development. This is best achieved by an evolving spiritual knowledge and spiritual practice, based primarily on healing. The ultimate aim is to find a way to live a loving, compassionate, peaceful life, at one with everyone and everything in our world.


"Learning to accept yourself and life exactly as it is, without the need to change anything in order to be at peace, is the true secret of consciousness expansion."

Shabdan offers courses, training, tools, techniques and healing to help you walk ever more deeply on this pathway to spiritual fulfilment.


A list of current and forthcoming courses and training available online.


Offering some important spiritual information and spiritual actions that you can take right now to help you build your consciousness.


An online Sanctuary - aTemple Space - for you to visit and spend time in right now and for when you need it. It includes metaphysical spaces, visualisations, free healing and information to help you.

Accredited Teachers

Shabdan is carefully training capable teachers to share his knowledge, courses and information more widely. These wonderful people have worked with Shabdan for an extended period of time, receiving healing and spiritual guidance. Each one is dedicated to their own spiritual unfoldment and work regularly on themselves, healing and expanding consciousness.



Accredited Teachers:

Shabdan - Teaching all courses

Sue Hambleton 


 Mobile: 07970 860393                                        


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Please use your discernment when reading information, using any tools and entering any etheric spaces on this website.