Unifying Consciousness Matrix - UCM

The Unifying Consciousness Matrix is one of the most effective, versatile and flexible tools ever created by Shabdan. It is the culmination of more than twenty years of research and development offering a healing solution for almost every issue, situation, emotion and part of you.

Simple to use - you make a statement about what you feel is troubling you with your hands on the matrix and a layer of the problem or all of the blockage will release in less than a minute.


  • Emotion

  • Issues

  • Blockages

  • Stuck patterns

  • Self-sabotage

  • Resistance

  • implants and devices

  • Entities and ETs

  • Portals and gates

  • In fact, anything that obstructs spiritual growth and conscious expansion.

The Unifying Consciousness Matrix tool consists of:

  • An A4 laminated card with a circular matrix printed on it. The matrix is posted to you.

  • A pdf 19-page handbook, emailed to you. This format allows for updated versions in due course.

  • Access to 45-minute coaching and support classes. (Paid classes)

Peeling layers and climbing the steps of Heaven

Available NOW!

The Unifying Consciousness Matrix is an A4 laminated card matrix  that can clear deeply into debris, karma, emotion and all manner of energy blockages.

Order more than one copy of the matrix so that you will always have this remarkable energy tool on hand to help you.

Quick and easy to use:

Hands on the matrix, make a simple statement about what is troubling you, breathe and let go!

Say Karisa-An instead of repeating your statement to peel deeper layers, until there is no further energy movement inside you.

You'll find that the UCM will become your best friend, your go-to healing tool.

Buy the system and order additional matrices for £14 plus p+p

  • The UCM is so helpful that you will find it helpful to keep one in your healing tool kit, one beside your bed and even for the cár or in your shopping bag!

The Unifying Consciousness Matrix:

  • The UCM tool, a laminated printed matrix on A4 card, posted to you.

  • A pdf 19-page Handbook emailed to you.

The Unifying Consciousness Matrix system is available for £112 plus p+p. (The laminated UCM is posted to you and the handbook is accessible as a pdf online for download.)

Order now from Iona Light by EMAIL ONLY info@iona-light.co.uk.

Payment Terms: in the UK, by Direct bank transfer; outside of the UK, by Paypal. 

Online Coaching and Support Classes:

  • The classes with Shabdan are available now. Email Shabdan to participate.

  • Classes are running every Friday at 6pm

  • Simply sign up to the class dates and join the session live with your UCM on gotomeeting.com.

  • Session Fees are £20 for 45 minutes.

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