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Compass - Positive -


Simple and Effective Programming Technique for the Subconscious

This simple, highly effective technique takes minutes and the effect changes your life... forever!

We heal, we grow. We heal and grow some more. We move mountains and feel lighter and clearer, but often the feeling does not last for long before our mood sinks again.

We heal and then find ourselves attracting more of the same kind of issues that we already cleared. Yes, there is more in deeper layers, but on top of that there is the subconscious doing what it has been told to do and projecting what it has been programmed to project... which is why it continues to attract the same kind of limiting patterns into our clear space. This limiting attraction adds to the deeper layers of those energies our unhealed selves are still attracting or holding on to and makes clearing more difficult. Where does it all end? 

Compass - Positive - may be the solution that will point you in the right direction. Re-patterning the subconscious mind is an important element in our spiritual development process and Compass does this in a profound and simple way. At first you might not believe it, but work with it for a while, give it some time and  you will start to realise the benefits! Return to it again and again to create a solid foundation of positivity that you can build on for the rest of your life as you re-pattern deeper levels of the subconsciousness.

Change your subconscious programming from a negative state - where you see nothing but obstacles - to a positive pattern that will re-landscape your spiritual environment into a garden with lush green lawns, fountains, flowers and beautiful birdsong, and you will feel light and unburdened in a positive new way.

Compass - Positive - can start to do this in less than 15 minutes!

Use it as an online tool that you can access anywhere: on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Print a paper copy for your spiritual workbook so that it is available whenever you need it, wherever you are.

How Compass  - Positive - Works

Compass - Positive - carries embedded Keys of Creation that are the engine behind the simple technique. There is also a Key that you say. The matrix activates when you look at the specially constructed image containing positive words and then say the activation Key. Repeat this simple process a number of times as you choose. Very quickly, you start to feel different, positive, uplifted. You may well find that negative thinking has abated completely or that the volume has been turned down.

The list of positive words includes:

Love, light, peace, unity, joy, stillness, courage, faith, trust, acceptance, allowing, patience and many others - there are 24 in total.

All of these positive patterns can be absorbed together effortlessly.

Compass simply patterns the subconscious with the new and positive words and what they represent and mean. This patterning displaces levels of the negative patterns that express limitation and unhelpful emotion. Now the most energetic consciousness patterns are the positive ones that you have just installed. The new patterns carrying greater energy are placed closer to the surface of the subconscious mind and are therefore the most readily projected. 

The more you work with this tool, the more the negative patterns in your subconscious are displaced and replaced by positive patterns. The result is a growing positive self-expression and positive attraction that leads to flowing with life more fully.

Compass LOGO.jpg

Compass is available now.

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