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Celebrating Self

The concept of celebrating self is explained here. The Celebrating Yourself Light Chamber is here.

Divine Dispensation

Divine Dispensation is a Decree given to the Lightforce to be able to adjust the projection of consciousness within the Earth sphere. It enables extraordinary levels of healing and re-alignment to take place.

The Decree:

"In the name of the Divine and under the Law of Grace, I ask for ....STATEMENT HERE... to be carried out/done/now. So.Be It."

To invoke Divine Dispensation, say the Decree above and insert a statement of your choosing. For example:

"these parts of me to be addressed in the light"

"these entities to be transformed in the light and all related self-sabotaging parts of me to be addressed now"

"all emotion to be transformed and all sabotaging parts of me to addressed now"

You can insert any statement responsibly - understanding that you are asking the Divine to act on your behalf, for your benefit.

Energy Maintenance Matrix, Chakra Barrier Clearing Diagram and Chakra Clearing Matrix

PDF Tools for Download. Most will already have these tools so this is for those who do not and for ease of access should you need a new copy. It is helpful to print these tools if you can.


Statements For the UCM:

"I am a sovereign being of the Light."

  • Repeat three or more times with breathing in between.

  • Very helpful for really deep-set and heavy shadow energies and unhealed parts of you in firstly signalling your Divinity and sovereign rights in your being, and secondly in decreeing to the shadow and your unhealed selves that you have command of your space.

  • The effect is a powerful and effective clearing that can break into a stuck energetic situation or consciousness pattern.


  • Has an 'extractor fan' effect throughout the body, mind, spirit and aura.

  • Clears aspects, entities, emotion and debris easily.

  •  Helpful in clearing the decks, so to speak, but also as a check upon completion of healing actions to check if anything is remaining.

Keys for you:


  • Energises breath with prana. Takes prana into the cells and into the mitochondria on the in-breath. Mitochondria generates most of the chemical energy needed to power the cell biochemical reactions.

  • An important part of consciousness elevation is accessing the energy - prana needed to power the process of elevation, and to help the body elevate its own vibration.

  • Repeat this Key 3 - 4 times, pausing in between recitals to allow the Key's action to complete. You can make this a part of the process of consciousness elevation throughout the day.

"Marakusha, Meloseka, Nariita-San"

  • Activates a golden light seed that goes into every particle of your being, which then pushes out negativity.

  • Works well with the UCM


  • Disconnect from the 'negative field' or collective consciousness, from the inner feelings of 'speeding', anxiety and tension that takes you away from presence, the now moment.


  • correct orientation of the spirit within the body

Foods Anaritas Light Language

I’m sure that you have noticed the sluggish feeling that you can get from eating wheat, dairy and sugar. These foods take your vibration down and opens you to a bandwidth of frequencies that sap your energy. The best advice is to avoid these foods altogether and as many people progress on their spiritual journey, they tend to refine their diet and cut out wheat at least. Often they will cut down on dairy and sugar and leave them out all together in time. However, I know from my own experience of travelling about the country that it can be very difficult to eat at the fast food motorway services or even to just eat out in the villages and cities in the UK, if you are trying to avoid these foods.


To help you to maintain your vibration if you are eating wheat, dairy and sugar (sugar directly or sugar in other foods, baking, chocolate, sweets and so on) before you eat them, hold your hand over the food and say:


‘Ver-Es-Tu, An-na-At’
  • Raising the vibration of wheat


‘Shi, An-na-At’
  • Raising the vibration of dairy foods


‘Vetra, An-na-At’
  • Raising the vibration of sugar


Immediately the vibration of the food is taken above the frequency it is oscillating at and beyond the bandwidth where you will find your own energies being dampened. You will be able to eat the food after saying these phrases softly out loud. It even tastes better. Try this for yourself. Taste your food without using the phrases then hold your hand over the food and say the phrases. Can taste the difference?


If like me, you forget to utter the phrases until a piece of delicious pastry is already in your mouth or heading south to your stomach, don’t worry. Hold one hand over the plate of food and aim the palm of your other hand at your body with the intention of ‘zapping’ the food that you have taken into your body and say the phrases. All will be well!


Please don’t go around your pantry zapping all the food in it containing the naughty ingredients. The effect of the light language cannot be expected to last beyond a normal period of food digestion. The lower vibrations of the wheat, dairy and sugar degrade the higher imposed vibration of the light language through time. It is better to use the phrases when you are about to eat these foods. I would not suggest that you use them as a permanent solution to your craving for sugar and so on. Undoubtedly these foods carry a denser vibration than your evolving spirit and you will at some point, want to consider reducing your intake or giving them up. After all, consider this: what essential nutritional value do they add to your diet that you cannot get from other healthy sources? (Raw vegetables and fruit, nuts, seeds, sprouted seeds and pulses.)

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