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Book of Kindness

12-month Course

with Shabdan

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Through mindful practices, healing and training in new techniques you will achieve a shift in your consciousness that will align you more fully to your Divine Self. The Divine self is kind, compassionate and loving.


This course is all about writing a new chapter in your life book.
Kindness arises out of consciousness resolution and builds and grows as you move closer to fifth dimensional consciousness expression. 



Imagine yourself a year from now... you are looking back and comparing who you were at the start of this course to who you are now... EVERYTHING has changed!


You are much more present. Your vibration has increased beyond belief, you are lighter, softer, much more loving and compassionate. Your Mer-Ka-Ba is carrying many new attunements that you are using every day to help raise your vibration. This enables you to astral travel lightly into realms of light. You are soaring much closer to the fifth dimension now - you can feel it and although you know you have more work to do, you now embrace it willingly. Discordance, debris and emotion clear much more easily for you.

You are lighter of heart and life flows more softly and easily. No matter what is happening around you, you feel calmer and more together. Joy has been kindled in your heart and always 'steadies the ship' in any storm.

You know that your light is serving the world meaningfully and you know that you are becoming a vessel through which unconditional love can flow.

There is more to do but you are firmly on your way, guided deeply by the Divine and you know that all things are possible now, including ending the recycling of your soul in this world if you choose to.

                               ...All of this is truly possible for you!

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Course Content Includes:

  • More than 52 Mer-Ka-Ba Attunements and Frequency Mantras

  • Working with the Ekha'an Schools

  • New and powerful Anaritas Keys

  • An Energy Booster System supporting all of the work

  • Alignments to the Higher Self

  • New Affirmation Techniques

  • Collapsing Fields of Energy Technique

  • Ara Attunements and Consciousness Expansion Technique

  • Divine Gateway and Bridge Technique

  • Linking with the Cathedral of Surumetra

  • Raising Chrakra, Mer-Ka-Ba and 12-strand DNA Activations to new and higher levels

  • A PDF Handbook

  • Additional Master classes and resources will be offered from time to time and are inclusive.


Course Runs from 5 May 2020 with two sessions each month for 12 months (Recordings available).

First Dates: 5 May and 19 May at 7pm

(First and third Tuesdays of every month)

Course Fees: MAY 2020 is FREE


June 2020 - April 2021 - £85 per month

(Fees advised by Shabdan's guides to represent the depth and value of the work.)

Some discounted places may be negotiable in consultation with Shabdan.

- This work is important and, where possible,       

  Shabdan will seek to help applicants to participate.

Entry Requirements:

  • You must have a UCM already or place an order now 

  • You need prior training in Shabdan's Mer-Ka-Ba Resonance Keys (4th - 12th Dimension)(advance training can be arranged if required for a small fee. Please apply immediately.)

  • Willing to commit to focused and regular healing and development work throughout the course at home, including conscientious mindfulness.(Successful consciousness development on the course depends on your willingness to do this).

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Navigating uncharted territories, into the heart of my Divine Self

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