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Towards Mastership

This is an amazing course, packed full of useful information, tools and techniques to help you to take your spiritual journey to the next level. Expand your knowledge and capabilities, heal deeply and develop skills that you will come back to time and time again.


Towards Mastership can be used to supplement Reiki Healing, improve meditation, clear obstacles to holding presence, help you to sleep better and live your life more fully. Wherever your spiritual journey leads you, Towards Mastership can help to keep your spiritual compass pointing closer to Divine north!

Towards Mastership 
A spiritual healing and training system

Reading To Your Dog

Towards Mastership is offered as an online training course with a physical 153 page handbook sent to you in the post and accompanying online pre-recorded audio lessons that you can work with at your own pace. The course offers lots of information, tools and techniques that equip you to resolve the vast majority of issues, emotions and blockages to your ongoing spiritual unfoldment.

Towards Mastership is well-tried and tested healing system, that has been developed over a period of years by Shabdan. The course is highly commended by people who have already attended the course and they continue to use the tools and techniques in their daily spiritual practice. 

Handbook Sections

Towards Mastership Course Information

Towards Mastership is coming soon...

The course is an information-rich handbook and audio lesson recordings that is available for £450 plus postage for the handbook.

For those who have attended earlier courses and would like the updated handbook with many useful additions, and would like to refresh their knowledge, a discount is available on request.

Contact Shabdan by email: for further information and to register your interest.



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