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Celebrating Ourselves:

8 May

Hold deep compassion for yourself. You have passed through the veils of forgetting. You do not know yourself, your light, your Love. Forgive your forgetting. Make allowances for your incompleteness. You came to experience, to now yourself in this way. Therefore, Love and accept yourself as you are and do not struggle to be more. For you are more, so very much more. When you stop the fight, you can become - flow and be one with each and every moment. Only then can you rise up out of yourself and remember, know and be your true magnificent self once more.

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Hello, my name is Shabdan, and although I moved on from the Earth in late 2023, I created a unique set of healing and training courses based around celebrating ourselves, where I looked at learning to Love and to give to ourselves, and some of the material I offered is still accessible  on this website. Celebrating ourselves helps us to be more able to give to others and to grow spiritually. My work included the Keys of Creation, and the Ekha'an Schools of Light Wisdom. 

The Ekha'an Schools can do a lot to help you resolve inner conflict and expand your consciousness easily while you sleep. 

Try my 'Meditation for Ukraine' and bring your light to the world as we seek to bring Love to those in need.

Celebrating Ourselves through Spiritual Development and Training


The Linden Tree with its heart-shaped leaves symbolizes the Divine heart, love, truth, fidelity, friendship, peace, justice and altruism - concepts to which I aspire deeply. My partner Shastra and I named our home after it and the work I present here was later crystalised for me at a wonderful place called Lime Tree Farm - lime is another word for linden. Shabdan

Celebrating Ourselves...

When you plant a seed, it needs good compost, water, sunlight, warmth and tender loving care. Can we say we have done the same for ourselves? Do we give tender loving care? Do we eat properly and nourish the spirit or do we carry our burdens around with us like great dark clouds and shed them on every one we meet? Celebrating ourselves is about putting ourselves first and pausing in our busy lives to take gentle responsibility for ourselves, and to heal our emotions and issues so that we can be much more present and emotionally available for others.


As we grow spiritually we always share our light, we improve our relationships with others and positively change their lives too. Celebrating ourselves is a gift we give to ourselves first and then to the world. It is most definitely not selfish to give to ourselves. In fact it is the only way to truly give anything to the world and to anybody else.


Join me on a journey of self-celebration, of spiritual unfoldment and spiritual clarity that is here for you right now, if you feel inspired to take this gentle pathway:

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