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"Since I met Shabdan in 2007, I have felt able to trust him, He is sincere, kind and love streams out of his eyes and heart." 

Through my own spiritual development I have come to know myself to be an aspect of the Keeper of the Keys of Creation and my intense process of spiritual self-discovery over many years has led me to become a metaphysical pioneer.


I am delighted to share my truth with others if they feel they can benefit from what I learned to help myself move forward. I always seek to engage the hearts of my students with empathy and respect. I am a spiritual teacher, author and healing facilitator and I strive to be a fresh and inspiring voice in the spiritual arena.

Spiritual Author, Self-Development Specialist, Workshops and Training

Welcome from Shabdan! - Shabdan
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24/7 Circle is available to those currently registered on courses with Shabdan

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  • Emotion, Issues, Blockages

  • Stuck patterns, Self-sabotage

  • Entities and ETs

  • In fact, anything that obstructs spiritual growth and conscious expansion.

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A simple and effective way to meditate that expands your consciousness into a clear inner space.

- Expansion, Serenity, Light, Gentle, Pure -

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Body-led movement system - a perfect complement to our spiritual development...

learnt in 2-3 hours... mastered over a lifetime!

Helping You...

Waking up spiritually is the most beautiful, powerful and special thing that you will ever do with your life.


When the way begins to open for you, it can be helpful to have a guide to show the way to find your heart - the Divine you. Shabdan has the knowledge, the experience and the tools to help you find your way safely.

Stepping into your spiritual power takes courage, the acquiring of skills and knowledge, and a great deal of self-enquiry. 

With determination, self-responsibility and the right guide, you can go all the way...

Shabdan's Journey...

Learning, healing and sharing are not only important, but defining aspects in Shabdan's life. "I have never stopped healing since I awakened spiritually back in the early nineties and in fact, the more my vibration increases, the more passionately I heal myself," says Shabdan.


Travelling for over a decade across the UK, Italy and Norway, Shabdan conducted workshops, facilitated many healing sessions and shared his tools based upon the Keys of Creation. Since then he has increasingly dedicated his time to self-healing and spiritual research, developing new tools for himself and others to accelerate the journey to the heart.


Shabdan's unique approach has been an example for others on the spiritual path. With a true dedication to sharing knowledge, he has educated and inspired countless people towards self-realisation and into enlightenment.


On these pages Shabdan offers information, tools and courses for you to start at the very beginning and work through some important steps to self-realisation. If you are already on the path, you can access any of the tools and courses that you feel drawn to.


There are also powerful free tools and healing available 24/7 in these pages.


Shabdan can teach you to meditate with his easy-to-use system, to heal with 'Ascension Reiki', expand your knowledge and understanding of the spiritual planes and to heal effectively with his online courses and training.






Knowledge brings me understanding and wisdom brings me the power to master myself.

Spiritual Education - Online Courses

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Talking about Meditation
- Introducing Shabdan's
Meditation Course -
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Talking About Enlightenment
- Shabdan's Enlightenment Experiences -
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12 Monthly Expansion and Realignment Workshop
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Power,Vows, Holding
and Allowing
- reclaiming your power - 
Introducing Ascension Reiki
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Lord Anju's Retreat
over the Isle of Iona
- Free healing just when you need it! -
Activating the
Merkaba Resonances
Meeting The Keys of Creation
- experience the Keys and learn about how they can help you -
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Free Event


The Crystal Keys by Shabdan

Shabdan's book The Crystal Keys - Crystals, Devas and the Keys of Creation is a healing tool in itself and contains new light language, keys and healing codes to help you cleanse, connect and work with your crystals and their devic guardians, as well as information on how to heal your own etheric blueprint and crystal matrices and to contribute significantly to Earth healing at the advanced levels now needed. The Crystal Keys is an important new medium for this new time. It will help you to connect more deeply with the energies of the Earth and the crystals in your care, as well as work in new ways for your own self-healing. Photograph illustrations by Shastra.


Available by mail order at £11.50 including P&P.

Please order direct.

Email in the first instance: 

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Mailbox Address: Studio 8, Ridgeway House, Ridge Way, Dunfermline, KY11 9JN

Please use your discernment when choosing to take part in spiritual courses. Shabdan encourages everyone to grow responsibly